Top 5 Digital Marketing campaigns that failed.

Jul 8, 2019 · 7 min read
Top 5 Digital Marketing campaigns that failed.

Are you thinking to invest in Digital Marketing campaigns?. Digital Marketing is everywhere and Each one of them we see working in Digital Marketing, in one or the other designation, but no one is an expert all time. Everyone goes through the ups and downs. Yes, there are big brands that failed in their Digital Marketing Campaigns.

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What channels work best for me? Should I be funny or serious ? should I use videos? There are many questions, and it’s endless what I get to hear from many of them.

One of the important thing which I have observed in these days, Where marketers require training and guidance in preparing a Digital Marketing plan, Digital Marketing is continuously evolving. It makes it more difficult for marketers to differentiate themselves while running digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Campaigns requires your attention and dedication from the moment you start the campaign until presented to your audience. A digital marketing campaign is a lot more than merely placing your adverts for your business on social media channels and websites.

You might be having an excellent idea that can admire everyone and at work talking. But when you launch the new Digital Marketing campaign finally to the public, you receive fewer responses than you expected. So, Here I have listed out the top marketing campaigns failed, to show you how some of the biggest brands in business today set themselves to failure.


Do you know this company makes toothpaste? They tried their hand at making in frozen foods.

They might have succeeded if they weren’t good at their main product, toothpaste. People didn’t compare tasty food with a brand that had, brought them products that belong in the bathroom shelves.

A simple fix might invest in a subsidiary company, or purchase a smaller one giving the customer a different brand to focus on while they come up with a new product. Colgate might have just been happy with making our smiles brighter and left well enough alone.

Lesson To Learn :

Focus on what you’re right. If you are branching out in a new direction, think about separating your branding and marketing for the different products.


Marketing is a kind of field that can reward the highlighted, but then your ads take human form, you might risk of drawing fire. In a failed advertising campaign in 2006, Sony had celebrated the invent of their new white PSP device with the giant billboards that were a big mistake.

The billboards had a theme: a white woman compared to a black woman, representing the new white PSP model’s dominating over the black portable console. While Sony didn’t intend to be racist, But the fact was so many people were offended by the photographs itself.

Perhaps the worst thing was how Sony handled all the negative comments and PR came in their way. Instead of apologizing and roll with the punches, they tried to defend the ads and the photographs.

The campaign was restarted again in 2017 with one viral tweet. Many of them who were seeing the ad for the first time thought it was New and considered the best performing ad.

Lesson To Learn :

Remember always when you’re famous in your marketing campaigns, other people might try to copy your message in different ways. When you face negative PR, respond quickly with an understanding


Imagine a picture of two cold, Starbucks drinks standing side by side at a field of grass, surrounded by the summertime insects. The above image is a caption: Collapse into fresh. Nothing wrong Meantime, Starbucks exhibited not-so-cool behavior when they got charged EMT workers $130 for water following the collapse of the WTC towers. The bad press followed them, resulting in a public outcry over their campaign “Collapse into cool” which came in April 2002. This incident left a nasty taste in many people mouth as they took the combination of words and images as reference.

This brand mistake is a difficult one to pick apart and events that lead up to this marketing failure. Starbucks might not have got any flack. Did they give EMT workers, water for free? , or maybe picking some other word besides collapse would have sufficed.

Lesson To Learn :

Like Sony’s marketing mistake, this one is a reminder that ads got misconfigured. Be sensitive to your customers and current events when creating your marketing message. You might even want to show a significant campaign it to a few trusted customers first as a test case.


Double-amputee Olympian Oscar featured in a Nike ad, that stated to various athletes in motion, with a voice-over an athlete’s body was their weapon. For Pistorius, his caption said, as” I am the bullet in the chamber” is the same Olympian who later got charged with murder, using a firearm.

Unfortunately, some of the marketing mistakes can’t be foreseen or avoided. All that company could do is release a few press statements and pull their sponsorship.

Nike is certainly not alone in having it is a brand or marketing campaign spoiled by the celebrity endorsements. Celebrities often become face’s for the company, and their mistakes can quickly reflect on their businesses.

Lesson To Learn :

Most small businesses aren’t only looking for celebrity endorsements, but you still might associate with public figures, community groups, or industry influencers. Just be aware of who is acting on behalf of your company and seeking to align yourself with trustworthy partners.

5. GAP

Last on my list is a Gap brand mistake, which is a redesigned logo. This particular campaign was reasonably straightforward to the company and wanted to fresh up the look and test out new logo design.

The problem seems that our brain is hardwired to react negatively to this kind of change — notably, the sharp ends. When neuroscientists at NeuroFocus studied how volunteers eyes responded to the new logo of the gap, their findings showed them that the new logo didn’t register as new to the brain.

For a company in the clothing business, a lack of style is a significant loss of brand value. A simple fix for this mistake Does nothing. Like Coca-Cola learned, don’t fix what is not broken yet.

Despite Gap company intentions, they had tried to redesign a famous logo, and the results weren’t good. When it comes to the image or visual ad campaigns and logos, from the colors used, to the font of the text can also affect how we take up things. Wise thought should go into each visual element or else marketing campaigns might fail in very badly.

Lesson To Learn:

When it comes to the logos and the graphic design of your marketing campaigns, everything from the colors you use to the font of the text affects your customers take up your business. Insert careful thoughts into each visual because marketing campaigns really can live or die based on something as trivial as your color choice.


Around all of these Digital marketing campaigns, the moral of the story is always you try to add a lot of thought into your marketing. You should Be intentional about your message, your offer, and the words and images you use to communicate.

Every business wants to make a significant impact or go viral, but you should also make sure that you are getting close attention and for the right reason — not just because of marketing fails like these.

What is the best way NOT to fail in marketing?

Start with a solid digital strategy. Social media is the most critical marketing platform in the world today. The success or failure of your digital campaign may well ultimately hinge on how effectively you can utilize social media. Not only is social media an essential marketing platform in its own right, but it also serves as a support for many other aspects of digital marketing, creating a powerful synergy. For example, SEO and social media marketing go hand in hand with one another. But how do search engine optimization and social media marketing work together?

There are many reasons why the two digital marketing aspects should be considered together, not just because social media will provide valuable insights and data, which you can use to improve your SEO further. Keep a consistent message across your various marketing components and is necessary for ensuring maximum synergy in between. If you are utilizing your social media profiles to their fullest effect, then they provide you with the data that you would typically have to pay a market research company.

A robust digital strategy is the cornerstone of a successful business. While digital marketing is cost effective than traditional marketing methods, it is also a much more powerful tool. The only caveat is that it requires firms to take a more considered and thoughtful approach when devising a campaign.

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We’re on a mission to make your Online Marketing easier and…


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We’re on a mission to make your Online Marketing easier and better. You can also write your marketing or business journey here 📩 #MarketBetterWay



We’re on a mission to make your Online Marketing easier and better. You can also write your marketing or business journey here 📩 #MarketBetterWay

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