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Bouncie for Car Sharing Services

One of the fastest growing concepts in the current economy is a car rental service that allows vehicle owners to charge a daily rate in exchange to rent their personal vehicle. Car sharing through companies like Turo and Hyrecar has quickly grown into a new industry, providing a convenient marketplace for tourists and ride share operators to quickly find and rent vehicles beyond the typical offerings of a traditional rental car company.

One of the first concerns for those looking to lease their car to someone else is how their vehicle will be driven during that time. Car sharing companies typically cover insurance and other incident related expenses, but they won’t report overall driving habits to vehicle owners, which is where Bouncie can help.

Car owners looking to keep tabs on their vehicles while they are rented out can make sure their rides are being properly driven. With Bouncie they can enable driving habit alerts and use the app throughout the day to check-in on their customers. Here are just a few sample settings that can make your car sharing experience even easier:

Car sharing is quickly becoming a new way for vehicle owners to make extra money, and Bouncie can help you gain peace of mind that your vehicle is being cared for even when you’re not behind the wheel.



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