Bouncie Keeps Families and Caregivers Connected with Senior Drivers

William Gallahue
Apr 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean a person’s driving days are over. Every day more than 10,000 people turn 65 in the United States (Source: Census Bureau), and people are living longer healthier lives. However, family members and caregivers need to prepare for the day when it will be necessary to have “the talk” with a senior family member about his or her driving abilities.

The Bouncie smart-device and smartphone app can help families and caregivers collect useful information about driving habits and vehicle maintenance. This information can be used to develop a plan of action for assessing and monitoring the driving skills of a senior driver.

Bouncie’s location-based features give families and caregivers peace of mind that they can stay connected with their senior drivers and easily locate them if they ever get lost, or their vehicle has a breakdown.

The Bouncie smart-device plugs into the On-Board Diagnostics port (OBD) of a vehicle, through which the smartphone app provides a clean, simple way to view the information it retrieves. Families and caregivers can access useful information and features such as:

  • Driving Habits — Bouncie delivers real-time insights into driving habits. By monitoring key elements such as hard braking events, rapid acceleration, average speed and trip history, families can ensure their senior driver is still a safe and reliable driver.
  • Roadside Assistance — If an aging driver ever needs help, Bouncie lets the driver or family members request roadside assistance and identify the exact location of the vehicle so help can arrive quickly.
  • Vehicle Location — Drivers can view their vehicle’s location at any time. Plus, Bouncie can help families and caregivers create driving zones with Geo-Circles that alert them when senior drivers enter or leave a designated area.
  • Vehicle Health and Diagnostics — Bouncie constantly keeps track of vehicle health. If anything mechanical ever needs attention, Bouncie will send an alert, so that families and caregivers can manage the little things before they become big problems.
  • Vehicle information — Bouncie helps manage all the important information about vehicles in one place and reminds drivers and family members when it’s time to update and renew insurance policies, vehicle registrations, licenses and more.

Because the Bouncie app is on the family member’s phone, they can receive proactive alerts and reminders rather than relying on a senior parent to activate anything on their side.

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