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Bouncie Location Updates Now 4x Faster

Our mission at Bouncie is to make the connected car experience accessible to everyone and with our recent speed update, we let you stay even more connected to the important drivers in your life.

We’ve pushed industry boundaries by pioneering features like speed bands and extensive smart device integrations and we were one of the first devices to make 1-minute updates standard.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve pushed even further and our standard location updates are now every 15 seconds. Similar products take up to 3 minutes to update vehicle location and charge additional fees if you want faster updates — in some cases up to $20+/month extra!

We’ve made our updates 4x faster without raising prices because we believe in giving every customer the best without the hassle of extra fees and upgrades.

See why Bouncie is the highest rated connected car device on the market and upgrade any car into a smart car today.



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