How To Connect Bouncie to Amazon Alexa and Google Home

You just received a brand new smart speaker with Amazon or Google voice-activated assistants. Maybe you now own one of each. Congratulations!

This world of digital personal assistants help you do all kinds of fun and useful things, like control your smart home, play your favorite song, order a pizza, tell you the news and weather, and even tell you the location of your vehicle just by using your voice.

In fact, you can find out all kinds of information about your car by linking your Bouncie account to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Information such as fuel level, battery status, and vehicle maintenance, as well as keep tabs on mileage, driving habits, and trip history.

This guide will show you how to connect Bouncie to Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.

How to Connect Bouncie to Amazon Alexa Devices

Linking your Bouncie account to Amazon Alexa is easy. In the Alexa app, navigate to “Skills” and search for “Bouncie.” Tap “Enable Skill” and log into your Bouncie account with your user ID and password. That’s it.

Now “talking” to your car is easy. Just ask Alexa. Simply begin your request with “Alexa, ask Bouncie…” such as:

  • “Alexa, ask Bouncie, where’s my car?”
  • “Alexa, ask Bouncie, do I need to get gas?”
  • “Alexa, ask Bouncie, how many miles did I drive this month?”

If you have an Amazon Household profile (meaning more than one person in your household has linked accounts to yours), you may need to switch profiles to access the Bouncie skill. To do this, ask “Alexa, which profile is this?” If you need to switch to another profile, say “Alexa, switch accounts.”

How to Set Up Bouncie on Google Home

To link your Bouncie account to your Google Home device, you need to download the Google Assistant app (not the Google Home app).

Open the Google Assistant app and type (or speak) “talk to Bouncie.” Google Assistant will respond and give you the option to link Bouncie to Google. You will tap on the link, log into your Bouncie account, and you’re all set!

Now you’re connected to your car through Google Assistant, just begin your request with “Okay Google, ask Bouncie…” such as:

  • “Okay Google, ask Bouncie, where’s my car?”
  • “Okay Google, ask Bouncie, do I need to get gas?”
  • “Okay Google, ask Bouncie, how many miles did I drive this month?”

Your Car. Your Life. Connected.

With Bouncie’s integration with Alexa and Google Home, it’s never been easier to get your fuel level, driving history, vehicle location, and so much more. It’s another way Bouncie is connecting your car to your life.

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