A Bunk Bed, a 16-month-old, and a Parenting Masterclass

How parenting is teaching me things I’d never imagined


My daughter Kali right before her leap of faith — author’s picture

Faster than I could say stop, she climbed the four large steps toward the top of the bunk bed. Since this wasn’t her first time, I didn’t panic or rush towards her, until a gut feeling told me otherwise.

Just as I made my way hurriedly up a couple of steps, her attempt to climb atop the bunk bed failed as her knees slipped off the side rail.

Had I not extended my arm out in time and supported her little behind, her tiny feet would have slid right into the gap between the bedframe and the staircase, giving her a nasty fall.

I breathed a sigh of relief and reminded myself that as a parent, I could never take my little one’s safety for granted.

My 16-month-old daughter Kali is as confident and as naughty as they get. She’s also incredibly careful and balanced for her age. But that also comes with a tad bit of over-confidence in her abilities.

Right after this incident, blissfully unaware of the potential fall she’d escaped, Kali was headed down the steps of the bunk bed she’d so swiftly climbed.

Each step is about half the length of her whole tiny body. Yet, she insisted on entertaining the idea that she could…



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