Do You Believe Everything You Think?

Stop following your mind’s tricks.

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I have fallen into the slippery slope of depression.

Not once, not twice, and more than three times.
The painful memories of those dark times have found a sturdy home somewhere in the past, and that’s where they stay.

I will never allow myself to get into what seemed to be an endless unlit tunnel. I have worked persistently to get out of it. And it was not a unicorn and rainbows type of journey, that’s for sure. Let me tell you, it was f%*%ing hard. At times it seemed impossible. And yet nothing is if you want it badly enough.

Hidden at the very bottom of my heart are all the things that happened and those that didn’t happen during the long-gone years when I was still young and looking at life with desperation rather than awe.

But I don’t talk about those times.

This is what I know. Life happens right now. It’s found in the mistakingly perceived insignificant things and rituals we repeat without paying attention to them. From morning to night. Day after day. Hour after hour.

I know what it feels like to be broken. And I know what it means to take one instant, one feeling, one emotion and blow it out of proportion, like some dough levitating in a box too tight.

So my point is,

At your center, right into your chest, before you even get to your brain, are you feeling lonely, depressed, irritated, or angry? Or are you taking a moment, a day, a situation when these emotions feel alive as if walking on their own and confusing them for who you really are?

I ask you this because the mind likes to play tricks on us. Like a toddler left unsupervised in a glass store.
Often it challenges us to pay attention to the drama, worry over imaginary movies, and project into the future of impossible scenarios that aren’t even going to happen.

But why?

Because it can.

The way out of the mind’s games is to quiet it. To separate reality from imagination. To remain focused on the present moment and accept it for what it is, the. present. moment. This is what saved me.

When you do this, you realize that everything flows and that that feeling, that emotion that kept you trapped in darkness, is not who you are. It will evolve, transform, and transmute into something else. Just like you.

Close your eyes. Big gentle breath in, big gentle breath out. Place your right hand on your heart and tap it gently while repeating Yam Yam Yam — the seed mantra for this space. Do it 11, 21 times. Wait a couple of moments before blinking your eyes open.

“Someone needs to encourage us not to brush aside what we feel. Not to be ashamed of the love and grief that it arouses in us. Not to be afraid of pain.

Someone needs to encourage us: that this soft spot in us could be awakened, and that to do this would change our lives.”

~ Pema Chodron.


At the core of you, there is only peace. Do you feel me?

Thank you for reading.

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