How much Barack Obama would earn on Medium? The Brutal Truth.

Mr. President, will you join the Medium Partner Program? 🤑😂


Estimating Barack Obama’s earnings on Medium (pure technical analysis)
Absolutely crazy thing made by the author using Canva and Pixabay

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Hello, Medium World! 🌍

I am Martynas Ki. (@strangecash) and I am trying to do my best to write pure, honest stories on Medium.

And this time I want to take a deeper look at probably the most famous Mediumer ever lived. The Dad, the Husband, the President, the Citizen. This is how he describes himself and he is… Mr. Barack Obama! 🥳

Yes, the one! He is writing here. Just like us.
Just like a regular everyday normal guy. Like you and me. 😁

Since I discovered his profile on Medium there was only one question on my mind…

How much Mr. President would earn from the Medium Partner Program? 🤔

So let’s find out! 🕵

Spoiler alert: the results were a HUGE surprise for me!

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The Profile

When you open “daddy’s” (😅) profile you will see nothing special there just… 254k followers. 😱

And it seems that he is publishing 2–3 stories per month.

Wow! Barack Obama has 254k followers on Medium!
A quick snap of Obama’s profile on Medium 😎 (taken by the author)

Comparing Apples to Oranges 🍏≠🍊

Predicting something is never an easy task to do.
Well, it’s easy but making “correct” guesses are very hard.

And I have no other options here but to compare my stats vs Mr. President’s. 📈

Of course, I can be totally wrong as we can have absolutely different audiences, engagements, and so on. Also, I am pretty sure that he would earn a premium “Boost” bonus because I believe his stories are boosted to the max every time! 😅🚀



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