Inside The Mind Of The Man With “Cold Feet”

…is a decent guy who’s broke


Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash

The 100 people sitting for your Wedding are looking their best, eagerly awaiting the entrance of the Veiled One. Nobody even noticed your $ 200 haircut.

You wish these people give more credit to the Groom on his Wedding day. You wish they had a clue — the mental hell you had to go through, the puddle of vomit drying in your hotel room. They had no idea what it took to make you stand at the end of that endless aisle. They didn’t even know this day almost didn’t come!

(FLASHBACK. Rewind to several months before the disaster that is today. . .)

You had your doubts.

And it’s not even about some wild party you got invited to.

It’s not because you don’t love her.

You had your doubts because you do. So much.

When you love somebody, you want her to have the best life. SHE DESERVES THE BEST — the best husband and the finer things.

Trouble is, all you got from your benevolent parents is a good name and an excellent work ethic. It’d be easier to inherit a small fortune, perhaps a profitable business and some stocks, (and a fully furnished house with an infinity pool?) — but you didn’t. You had to make it on your own.



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