Ladies First – Chivalry or Chauvinism?

Understanding the grey where there is no black and white


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I was out with my former colleagues one evening for a quick team drink.

My teammates were all women – so we were six women, and I was the only guy in the group.

We were on our way back down from the rooftop bar and headed into the elevator.

There was a group of three ahead of us – one man and two women. As the man held the lift to allow the two women to enter, he also happened to glance at all of us waiting to enter.

So, with a loud, commanding voice – he went “Ladies first.”

As the last of them entered, he made a remark, that seemed to be intended as funny. “Of course, I have got all night to hold the door.” And, there was some real and some awkward laughter, before the ensuing silence for the rest of the 40-storey ride.

I am not sure if anyone made anything of the incident – my mind did register it quite clearly – as one of those harmless incidents that you don’t seem to forget.

I may be quick to judge – but to me, that act right there was probably more chauvinism, thinly veiled under the guise of chivalry.

Allow me to explain.

True chivalry is often…



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