Another “Purgatorio” Update!

In the previous episode of “Purgatorio” we encountered one of these bad boys 👆

New episode today! 📲

About Purgatorio

“Purgatorio, is a new fiction series by award-winning author John Shirley, based on the “Midnight Star: Renegade” mobile game universe developed by Industrial Toys and best-selling author John Scalzi. Purgatorio is a sci-fi adventure series set after the events of the mobile game “Midnight Star: Renegade” from Industrial Toys. The story follows a military research crew as they seek answers to mysteries left behind by a space-faring civilization that went missing 22,000 years ago.

A special thanks to Duncan Halleck (art), Joshua Nicholson (audio), Turner Watson (sourcebook writing) for helping make this series come to life!

Originally published at Bound —

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