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Ken ready for battle!

To commemorate the 16th and final episode of season 1 of The D.O.D.O Files, Bound’s VP of Story Development Jamie Ortiz sat down with author Ken Mondschein to discuss Chaucer, fencing with Neal Stephenson, and time-traveling back to medieval times.

Jamie: ​Thanks for taking the time to talk, Ed. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Ken: Well, in addition to being a writer, I’m a professor of medieval history, a fencing master, and a jouster. No, really. I have a PhD and I joust and teach historical swordfighting. My website is, if you don’t believe me.

Jamie: That’s awesome. So, when did you start writing?

Ken: Oh, geez. I used to write “books” on construction paper was a kid. I’ve always written, and had my first professional sale when I was 17. I’ve written something like five or six books since then.

Jamie: Nice! So how did you get involved with the project?

Ken: Well, I’ve known Neal from historical fencing circles for a while, and he figured with my period knowledge, physical skills, and writing chops, I was the perfect sort of candidate to be recruited for real-life DODO…

Jamie: “The Screwhead Letters” is a great title! Where did the inspiration for the story come from?

Ken: A combination of Ash’s line in “Army of Darkness” (“Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my boomstick!”) and C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters. Other than that, I imagined what Handler’s character might say…

Jamie: Interesting. Did you have to perform any research on 14th-century France?​

Ken: A bit on the chronology, the particulars of Chaucer’s life, and the Champain affair (interesting how the interpretation of what has changed over the years), but less than you might think… I mean, I live this stuff.

Jamie: That helps. What are you working on next?

Ken: Well, I write… a lot. I’m trying to complete a fantasy novel, but also wrapping a rapier fencing manual, a translation of a 15th century sword-fighting treatise, and a book on the history of timekeeping. My book, “Game of Thrones and the Medieval Art of War,” will also be out in November.

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