Bound is Accepting Story Submissions

Since we announced our plans for Bound last year, we have received a good deal of interest about writing opportunities. We wanted to make some information available to those that are considering working with us.

Bound is currently accepting submissions from both unagented and agented authors.


We are producing high-quality prose fiction. Think episodic fiction, novellas, novels — that sort of thing — delivered in a different way.


We are looking for writers ready to bring their imagination and A-game to a new format. We seek writers that love building rich worlds and fully embrace mobile reading. We have a preference for writers with a strong understanding of story structure and pacing.

A few other notes:

  • All genres currently considered. We may put out requests for specific genres from time-to-time.
  • We seek original stories (no previously published work).
  • Works do not need to be complete. In fact, we prefer if you are still early in your process.
  • Authors who readily engage with their community preferred.


Submit the following to to be considered:

  • A one-sentence summary of your story — tempt us.
  • One page story synopsis (give us a sense of the story you want to tell and its world)
  • The first episode, chapter or installment (give us a sense of your style and voice)
  • Author bio (or links) and contact details

A few things to remember about submissions:

  • Must be written in English
  • Acceptable formats: PDF/Google Docs/Word
  • Submission limit: Up to 3 stories


Once you make a submission, here is what you can expect:

  • Making a submission does not guarantee a deal.
  • You’ll receive an automated email from us acknowledging receipt.
  • It will take us several weeks to respond with anything more.
  • Submissions will be read by our editors.
  • We cannot guarantee feedback on every submission, although we’ll make every attempt to do so.
  • If the submission is a fit for us, you will be contacted by Bound via email.

Selected works will be offered a standard Bound publishing agreement. You will receive editorial, art, audio, and marketing support if your story is published by Bound.

We pay an advance and royalties. This is not work-for-hire. If you are looking for work-for-hire opportunities, please email us at with the subject line “WFH.”

Sign up for Early Access coming May 2016!