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Boundless Roots

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Emotions, Power, Money, Time: The shared challenges we face working towards sustainable lifestyle change

Time & Urgency



Not feeling radical enough

Climate Emotions

Communication & Outreach

Navigating Power


Shared Challenges, Shared Inquiries

  • Healthy power — How are we moving away from dominance and power over in the work we’re doing? How are we contributing to healthy power, becoming more aware of power so that we can work with it more fluidly?
  • Meaningful life — How are we inviting people into an open, evolving conversation about what gives our lives meaning?
  • Cultural waves — How can we work with the momentum of what’s changing culture now and operationalise that in new ways? How do we frame the new narratives?
  • Working with contradictions — How do we work skillfully across polarities? Us as practitioners and the communities we serve. How do we create spaces to connect with what people need in the moment with collective exploration of the potential?



A community of sustainable behaviour practitioners looking to cultivate radical and ambitious transformation to address the magnitude of the climate crisis. More on

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Boundless Roots

A community looking into how we can change the way we live to meet the scale of the challenge facing us. More on