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Roots of Transformation: Lessons and Leverage Points for Sustainable Living

Key takeaways

  • How can we shift our cultural frames?
  • How can we contribute to healthy power?
  • How can we work with meaning?
  • The ability to skillfully work with polarities: Increasing polarisation and an unwillingness to understand and work constructively with ‘others’ who hold different perspectives is blocking radical collective change. It is antithetical to social cohesion — we need to work skilfully with polarities to create radical shifts in how we live.
  • Trauma and trauma informed approaches: Trauma distorts what we perceive, so until we include it in our maps, what we take to be reality will be affected by it. To overcome this we need to change our relationship with the past and our open wounds, injuries, oppressions and injustices that often haven’t even been acknowledged let alone repaired in our society. Trauma and injustice have to be recognised, and the healing journey prioritised, for communities to shift towards healthier, more sustainable ways of living.
  • Process capacity: We need to build capacity in the system to facilitate the process of change — paying attention to how we organise, come together and the practices and processes we use to do this. We need millions of people equipped with capabilities to facilitate lifestyle change that has depth and longevity in terms of impact.

Join us for our Report Launch Event Series

  • Present our insights and advocacy areas emerging from the inquiries
  • Share about the areas of work emerging
  • Openly talk about our process and challenges along the way
  • Make space to discuss observations, resonance and connections to your work & opportunities for collaboration

Click here to download our report.

Acknowledgement and gratitude from the Forum for the Future team



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Boundless Roots

A community looking into how we can change the way we live to meet the scale of the challenge facing us. More on