Bounties Network is Launching Moksha Coin at ETHIndia to Expand Community Engagement in Asia

From Colorado Coin to BRLNCoin to Moksha Coin, Bounties is using event-specific tokens to galvanize the worldwide Ethereum community.

The Ethereum ecosystem is growing and we are working as a key cog in its development. Knowing there is a great deal of unexposed talent in regions where hackathons are not the norm and blockchain communities are still young, we wanted to get involved as soon as ETHIndia was announced. As we started working on the BRLNCoin for ETHBerlin, the ETHIndia organizing team got in touch and we started ideating around a dApp environment to serve India’s burgeoning blockchain community.

“Our mission at ETHIndia is to build and nurture a world-class ecosystem of Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs in India. While there is great developer talent here, we’ve been missing the community engagement and collaboration piece. We believe that the Moksha coin will help us bring the community together, fostering the spirit of learning and sharing. Our collaboration with Bounties Network is a huge leap forward to help accelerate the #BUIDL movement across India!”
Shakti Goap — ETHIndia

One of the drivers for The Bounties Network is levelling out the playing field when it comes to access to opportunity from anywhere in the world. ETHIndia will be held in Bangalore in August, and it represents a great opportunity for high impact community engagement. Discovering the potential Indian developers have to contribute towards a decentralised world and appealing to a diverse audience, the Moksha Coin will serve as a conductor of sustained collaboration between communities, individuals and larger scale projects. By symbolising liberation, self realization, inclusivity & accessibility, we know the Moksha Coin will be the token to transform the Asian Ethereum ecosystem.

Bespoke Bounty Networks: High Impact Interaction

We’ve talked about of the benefits of having a live decentralized application on Ethereum before, and offering people the chance to interact with the blockchain and earn their very first tokens in the process. Bringing the digital into the physical, bespoke bounty networks allow for hands on interaction and education.

The Moksha Bounties Network will be a blockchain bounty network built using our StandardBounties Protocol. It will use the ERC20 Moksha Coin (MOKSHA) for all reward payments and will form the framework for community incentivization and organization during ETHIndia and beyond.

The protocol is open source and enables anyone to create their own bounty network transacting in ETH or any other ERC20 token. The environment will run on the Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet and is focused on promoting engagement and activity on the blockchain.

Following the same format we designed for ETHBerlin, a variety of bounties will run including Onboarding and Community bounties, all funded with MOKSHA coins. We’ll also create a bespoke leaderboard to keep track of all coins transacted throughout the hackathon, so competition will certainly ensue!

Examples of Potential Bounties at ETHIndia

  1. Onboarding Bounties are a key part of the experience and aimed at helping new users walk through the basic steps to get set up on the Moksha Bounties Network.
    a) Submit a screenshot of your first posted bounty.
  2. Community Bounties
    a) Wear an ETHIndia T-shirt for an hour during ETHIndia — 1 MOKSHA
    b) Submit a video of your experience at ETHIndia — 5 MOKSHA
    c) Submit a question for a Technical Talk during ETHIndia — 1 MOKSHA
    d) If you could bounty anything in Bangalore, what would it be? — 1 MOKSHA
  3. Personal Bounties
    a) I’m looking for 3 engineers to review some code I have on-the-go and provide 10 minutes of in-person feedback during the hackathon — 3 MOKSHA
    b) I’m looking for someone who can make introductions to great designers in the dApp space — 2 MOKSHA
    c) Connect with five other developers to work on a dApp pitch during the hackathon — 4 MOKSHA

Launch will go live ten days before ETHIndia, on the 1st of August. We will be launching a series of intro bounties to get you into the Moksha spirit. Stay tuned for an early-bird chance to earn your first MOKSHA.

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