Bounties Network: Our ETHDenver Highlights

Colorado Network, Faces of Ethereum, UNICEF Boost Token & More

Austin Wright for ETHDenver

We knew our second ETHDenver was going to be a special one but it surpassed all our expectations!

Kicking off the 2019 ETH events’ calendar in style, over 2,000 participants descended upon the Denver Sports Castle for a whirlwind 48 hours packed with interesting talks, captivating panels, no less than three hacking floors, an inviting chill room, and a buzzing Maker Space. There was also a new Impact hacking track which had an awesome six submissions!

The Bounties team created a multifaceted engagement in Colorado and here’s how it all went:

UNICEF x Bounties Network

Our positive action token project, Boost, got off to a great start with teams at ETHDenver earning the token for hacking on the Impact track, mentoring hackers and students at the event as well as supporting local independent outlets.

The token is part of a much wider project that will continue across UNICEF Innovation events throughout 2019 and will focus on boosting efforts to make the world a better place. The name for the token was chosen through a bounty as we wanted to involve the community from the very beginning. Stay tuned for more activations coming throughout 2019 events.

Our project was also featured in Newsweek:

ETHDenver Chronicles

We teamed up with Status to help them collect, capture, and edit content provided by the diverse ETHDenver attendees and community. ETHDenver is so much more than the hackathon itself; and this is a chance to capture all of this. From different angles and different perspectives.

Here’s one of the submissions featuring the BuffiDai Wallet used across ETHDenver to buy meals and drinks. This video is shot through the lens of the wallet itself. 🤯

The Chronicles are an attempt to open source the recap film and put bounties on submitting videos, photos, interviews, or quite literally anything we can hack together into a final edit. If you have photos or videos from ETHDenver submit them here. There will also be a bounty on the final edit itself.

Opera x Bounties Network

Our partnership with Opera got off to a flying start with the bounites receiving a score of submissions!

There’s still time to fulfill some of them so check them out on the explorer and stay tuned for more!

As the first major browser to integrate a crypto wallet, enabling seamless access to the emerging web of tomorrow (Web 3), 2019 is set to be an exciting year for Opera and we’re delighted to help them on their crypto journey.

Impact IRL Panel

We had the pleasure of moderating a panel all about impact and empowering people throughout the world by enabling access to information, resources and a global pool of work and talent.

Our panelists were Gloria Kimbwala, Blockchain Developer, Diversity and Women in Tech Advocate, Christina Lomazzo, Blockchain Lead at UNICEF, Tove Andersson, CMO at Superblocks and Grace Torrellas, cofounder of Blockchain4Humanity. The discussion focused on education, collaboration and creating opportunities for communities around the world. See the full panel action below.

The Faces of Ethereum

As part of our continued work in broadening perspectives and inclusivity within the blockchain ecosystem, we are to launching a “Faces of Ethereum” portrait series. We launched the project at ETHDenver and we’ve already had eight submissions! It will hopefully become a constant throughout 2019 so that at the end of the year a giant image made up of all the unique portraits collected throughout the year can be unveiled and sold at auction — potentially at DevconV.

If you’d like to submit a portrait to the project, just fulfill the bounty we created. We will tokenize all works and add them to the newly Mainnet launched Pixura platform.

One of the main things we’ve realized while expanding the use of bounties to non tech verticals is that anyone can #BUIDL. It’s why we focus on multiple applications and activations through bounties. It’s all about making crypto accessible beyond versed core audiences.

The Colorado Network

The Colorado bounty network had a total of 34 bounties with 94 submissions throughout the ETHDenver weekend! We also clocked the most users/hour since our launch — 75 verified users in just 60 minutes 🎉

Our Community Hangout

We wanted to get everyone together on the eve of ETHDenver so we headed down to Charlie Brown’s bar for an evening of catching up and meeting new and old friends alike. The event was hosted together with Kauri, Gitcoin, 3Box, Panvala, and ConsenSys Diligence.

We loved our time at ETHDenver, and we’re thankful to be part of such an amazing community. Collaborating, learning from eachother and continuing to broaden the access into our space will ensure our community thrives.

If you have feedback, ideas or would like to collaborate on bounty campaigns for your project, let us know! 💌

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