The Honu Kitty: Supporting Ocean Conservation the Crypto Way

Bounties Network is supporting CryptoKitties, ACTAI Global & Ocean Elders in raising awareness and funds for ocean conservation

The unique Honu Kitty, created by CryptoKitties

Honu is the world’s first sea-loving CryptoKitty, an environmental ambassador helping to raise funds and protect the planet’s oceans. The creators of this project are ACTAI Global, Ocean Elders and CryptoKitties. ACTAI is a global community of Athletes, Conservationists, Technologists, Artists and Innovators who share common values and collaborate via experience-based, active gatherings around the world. The non profit organization is led by Bill Tai, lead angel investor in companies including Canva, Color Genomics, Shoes of Prey,, Tweetdeck/Twitter, and Bill is also the driving force behind Blockchain Summit, Extreme Tech Challenge and West Tech Fest.

They support technology-enabled environmental conservation and positive social change. As we got to know the project through the Blockchain For Social Impact Coalition, we knew we wanted to support them in truly discovering the potential of blockchain to reinvent charitable giving and inspire verifiable action.

Honu’s Unique Contribution

Honu will be sold at auction this week and proceeds from the auction will support the work of two great ocean conservation projects:

— Unite BVI, Unite BVI, in the British Islands (BVI), protecting endangered sea turtles during mating, from poachers and from illegal harvesting.

— Operation Jairo, spearheaded by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Antigua and Barbuda protecting endangered sea turtles during mating, from poachers and from illegal harvesting.

The Auction opened Monday, July 9th 5am ET and will end midnight Sunday, July 15th. Payments are accepted in ETH or its fiat equivalent at the close of auction. The winning donation is tax deductible.

The unique CryptoKitty will hopefully follow in the footsteps of its older sibling, sold at Ethereal in NYC in May for $140,000. The Ethereal CryptoKitty was created by the Cryptokitties’ Director of Art, Guilherme Twardowski and was inspired by cyberspace, blockchain, and the Cryptokitties universe.

Honu in turn was inspired by the oceans, marine life and the potential blockchain technology has when it comes to global conservation efforts. And this is just the beginning. Together with ACTAI Global, we hope this will be the first in a series of projects putting crypto technology in the service of meaningful global change.

“We are so excited to see Honu in the wild — one part activist, telling stories of our endangered friends, and another part pop culture icon, stealing the spotlight to combine both worlds for greater good,” Cassidy Robertson, head of CryptoKitties’ charitable initiative, Kitties-for-Good

“This campaign bridges CryptoKitties’ blockchain game with capital raises that will benefit the planet’s ocean and wildlife. It unites the 800,000 CryptoKitties that have been born, the global technology, crypto, and investment communities with environmentalists and foundations dedicated to preserving our planet’s natural habitats.” Bill Tai

At Bounties Network, we’ve always felt that as we look towards decentralizing the social and environmental impact space, Bounties could also help incentivize and organize positive global action across key UN initiatives. As a result, we not only launched our first environmental impact project in partnership with MakerDAO— Bounties For The Oceans but we are also pledging our support to technology backed environmental projects and initiatives like Honu.

Reinventing Social Impact

These are initial steps. They are designed to help us all create, test and improve on the potential of large scale social impact projects on the blockchain. Our goal is to demonstrate feasibility, and hopefully, kickstart a powerful world-changing trend where blind trust is no longer a concept. Proof of action is.

To get involved in the auction, head to the live page and use the password. To keep in touch with the journey of the funds and exactly what they will be used for, sign up to the ACTAI updates and to find out about future Bounties Network x ACTAI projects, follow us here.

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