⭐💬 iCumulate Bounty Campaign — Earn ICU tokens! 💬⭐

You will get stakes from the campaign, that will allow you to get ICU tokens at the token generation event following the public sale.

⭐ Project Details

The iCumulate ecosystem is a multifunctional investment platform bringing like-minded investors and traders together into one social environment. 
In addition to providing a simpler way for investors to buy, store and/or trade crypto assets, the platform will evolve into an ecosystem whereby traders, investors and content providers all come together in one place.

Social investing is the ideal environment for talented individuals to display their trading skills. The iCumulate platform will run a detailed, transparent ranking system which will showcase the best performing traders and ICU managers, with regular big prize competitions being held for different investment categories.

Users will have access to all of the tools and information they need to build their own portfolios of fiat products and crypto currencies/assets, without the hassles, complications and drawbacks of owning the underlying asset tokens.

With access to a huge investment community and limitless products, from now on this is the only trading account you will ever need…

To get more information, please read the whitepaper.

🌀 Campaign Details

To spread the word about this project and reward our grateful community, we have launched a bounty campaign.

A total of 1% of ICU tokens will be allocated to the bounty campaign pool. Participants will earn ICU bounties tokens according to their earned stakes, that will be distributed after the end of the public sale.

This campaign will last until December 31, 2018.


How To Participate

  • Go to this bitcointalk thread;
  • Read the General Terms and other campaigns Terms;
  • Fill the Google Forms accordingly.

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