⚡🌐 WINDHAN ENERGY Airdrop Campaign — Earn WHN tokens! 🌐⚡

Earn 100 WHN Tokens, that will be distributed within 30 days after the Token Sale end.

⭐ Project Details

Windhan is a 108MW green energy flagship project in Kazakhstan, comprises Green energy Crowdfunding and trading platform which uses blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic next generation of renewable energy assets.

It connects energy buyers (households and investors or market makers) directly with green energy producers and creates an opportunity to purchase energy upfront at below market rates.

It is a platform to combine energy developers, investors, and consumers through a global and decentralized network using ERC20 Tokens and Smart contracts that allows energy assets to be funded and launched more securely and transparently.

To get more information, please read the whitepaper.

🌀 Campaign Details

Dear all,
Today is a big day for all of us as we are launching our official AIRDROP Program in order to reward our supporters with more WHN tokens.
Thank you all for helping Windhan Energy to get where we are, it is amazing how our community grew with the support of participants of the first AIRDROP Campaign!
Windhan AIRDROP Program is designed to put the word out about the company’s values, goals and progress. We welcome you to participate in this program in one or several campaigns according to your liking.
Windhan Energy rewards AIRDROP program participants according to their activity and the rules of the campaign they choose.

A total of 1.5 Million WHN tokens will be allocated to the airdrop campaign pool. Participants will earn WHN airdrop tokens according to their participation, that will be distributed after the end of the public sale, within 30 days.

This campaign will last until 27th March 2019.


  • ✅ Twitter Airdrop Campaign ✔️
  • ✅ Telegram Airdrop Campaign ✔️
  • ✅ Medium Airdrop Campaign ✔️
  • ✅ Instagram Airdrop Campaign ✔️

How To Participate

  • Go to this bitcointalk thread;
  • Read the General Terms and other campaigns Terms;
  • Fill the Google Forms accordingly.

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