Bountyhive — Bounty Spotlight: Mossland

Tudor Stomff
Feb 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Mossland — Own Your Landmark!

We just launched Mossland on Bountyhive and we wanted to give you some insight into their ideas and what the Mossland team is up to!

What is Mossland ?

“Mossland” is a location-based Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game based on real estate. Users can identify real properties in vicinity, acquire and trade them in the game. Virtual properties in the game can be tradable and liquified through cryptocurrency exchange, so users will put time and effort to increase the value of their properties.

How does Mossland contribute to the Blockchain?

It is still difficult to participate in the trade of real goods and services through blockchain due to the increase in resistance on the vested rights of blockchain. Therefore, we believe that the development of the quality and the abundance of virtual goods and services is essential because they can only be traded through online transactions. In that respect, Mossland is trying to function as a producer of virtual assets that are tradable with cryptocurrencies.

Mossland virtualizes currently existing real estate and enhances the value with AR technology to create new virtual assets. The virtual assets made this way will present important clues to solve the shortage of tradable goods.

What’s a fun fact about Mossland?

Since Mossland is a location-based game, its ads will be exposed to the users in vicinity of the real properties, resulting higher probability for the users to visit or make any purchase. AR Accessories will not only add fun experience to the users in the game, but also provide tangible value which would be accepted positively and welcomed by the users.

How can I join the Bounty?

The Mossland Bounty Campaign is now LIVE on Bountyhive, you can find it right here. Whether you’re joining for Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Signature or Creating Content — Moss tokens are waiting for you!


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