Bountyhive — Bounty Spotlight: Swapy Network

Tudor Stomff
Mar 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Swapy Network — Universal Access to Credit!

We just launched Swapy Network on Bountyhive and we wanted to give you some insight into their ideas and what the Swapy Network team is up to!

What is Swapy Network ?

“Swapy Network” is an open source and decentralized protocol to make credit cheaper and universally accessible.

We are building three DApps based on it:

1) Swapy Exchange, to connect international investors in countries with low interest rates with credit companies in countries with higher interest rates. This arbitrage opportunity provides a higher return for the investor and a lower rate for the borrower.

2) Swapy ID, which will give the individuals the control of their own financial data; and

3) Swapy DataMarket, which allows the individuals to sell their personal data and earn Swapys.

The 3 building blocks of Swapy Network

How does Swapy Network contribute to the Blockchain?

Swapy contributes to the Blockchain ecosystem by helping popularize the technology in our home country of Brazil.

For example, our team organized Ethereum Workshops in the city of Belo Horizonte.

The Swapy Network Team!

What’s a fun fact about Swapy Network?

Our team has been together working to solve the problem of access to credit since late 2015.

We have been through highs and lows. Almost went bankrupt; Worked 6 months without getting paid and ended up raising money from top venture capitalists like Tim Draper who believed in our dream.

Tim Draper and Edmilson Rodrigues (CEO)

Having Tim Draper as one of your supporters, what was his most valuable advice he had for you?

Yes, Tim has been our earliest investor and greatest supporter. The best piece of advice he had for us was: “Do the ICO, this is the future of venture capital”.

We followed his advice.

He isn’t called “The Riskmaster” for no reason.

How can I join the Bounty?

The Swapy Network Bounty Campaign is now LIVE on Bountyhive and you can find it right here. Whether you’re joining for Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Signature or Creating Content — Swapy tokens are waiting for you!


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