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Tudor Stomff
Jul 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Participants can check out the Total Bounty Pool, its equivalent in Ethereum, how many Participants there are in total or in a Bounty Type, each specific Bounty Type allocation, how much each Tier earns and also a clear and descriptive timeline so users can know exactly when to expect the Bounty to end and payments to be received.

We’re now taking this one step further with our Transparency Reports, which now completes the full suite of information and statistics about a specific Campaign.

📇 Campaign Details

eHarvestHub held its Bounty Campaign on Bountyhive from May 29th to July 2nd, gathering a staggering number of participants and a lot of supporters along the way 🙋‍

📝 Bounty Types

Check out all the Bounty Types eHarvestHub decided to run on Bountyhive!

🔎 Overview

An in-depth view of all the Bounty Types in the eHarvestHub Campaign.

🚚 Distribution

On Bountyhive, distributions are blazing fast!

🌀 Fun Fact

Here’s an interesting fact about eHarvestHub 🤔


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