Bountyhive partners with ChainPlus to achieve global outreach

Tudor Stomff
Sep 30, 2018 · 2 min read
West + East = ❤️

Our 🌍 encompasses a lot of countries, 196 to be exact. Reaching as many of those countries as possible is the dream of every organization. However, successfully achieving it alone is a close to impossible task. This is where the concept of globalization comes into play — allowing organizations to operate on a global scale.

One of the foremost principles of globalization is delegation — renouncing control over something in favor of a more suitable end result for the community or system as a whole.

As a blockchain company ourself, we aim to do the same. The first step towards achieving this is realizing our own capability and bringing on-board someone whose reach begins where ours ends.

This is how we decided to partner up with ChainPlus, the leader in ICO services throughout Asia, with a particular focus on China.

ChainPlus — Chinese Marketing

ChainPlus is one of the largest, if not the largest marketing company in China, with a focus on ICOs and disruptive blockchain technologies. They boast a portfolio of 50 clients, 80 team members and 265 media partners.

Having a direct link to the most popular crypto media platforms and already boasting a large network of investors and crypto enthusiasts is one of ChainPlus’ strong points. After this many projects, presenting an ICO towards the Chinese community has become second nature for ChainPlus.

Bountyhive & ChainPlus

Together, we can cover a much wider range of needs that founders run into when running an ICO. Through our collaboration, we want to benefit both clients and hunters by offering a comprehensive service to ensure more chances of success for all the parties involved.

As our partnership evolves, we will continue to explore new ways of collaboration. Due to the nature of blockchain and the necessity of a project to reach out to supporters all over the world, our partnership will open up new avenues that we could not have been previously explored.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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