Bountyhive partners with Stox to bring Prediction Markets to Bounty Hunters

Tudor Stomff
Jul 26, 2018 · 2 min read
Connecting Bounty Hunters & Predictions

Everyone makes predictions, most of us do it daily. We try to predict when the bus comes, which team is going to win or if it’s the right time to sell everything and get back into DOGE. (Hint: It’s always the right time to get into DOGE).

Stox will introduce the world of blockchain prediction markets to bounty campaign participants through its partnership with Bountyhive. It will see the combination of two leading blockchain companies with significant crypto communities. This will also include a specific Bounty Campaign initiated for Stox and hosted on Bountyhive.

Blockchain Predictions with Stox

Stox is an open source, Ethereum based prediction markets platform, where users can make predictions about virtually anything, be it sports, politics, tech or even ICOs.

After conducting one of the most successful ICOs in 2017, the team went on to create a fully functioning platform that has hosted more than 800 prediction markets, from the World Cup to ICO sponsored predictions.

Users can make a prediction by staking their STX tokens on the outcome they think is most favorable and in return, they earn even more STX after a successful prediction.

Bountyhive & Stox

After running the Stox Bounty Campaign in 2017, Bountyhive grew continuously during 2018. The partnership will see the companies grow even more — together.

We hope that many pleasant surprises will come out of this partnership, both for our Hunters as well as for Stox. Right now, both teams are working together to bring predictions to even more people.

Until then, the first thing you should keep your eyes on is a new Bounty Campaign made specially for Stox and hosted on Bountyhive in the following months.

Yossi Peretz, CEO of Stox, commented on the news:

In partnering with Bountyhive, prediction markets will reach further users across crypto communities worldwide. Our vision is to make decentralised prediction markets accessible to as many people, and bounty campaigns are one of the most successful ways in doing so.

Tudor Stomff, CEO at Bountyhive, added:

We are looking forward to a successful collaboration with the experienced team at Stox, which will fast-track blockchain predictions in the future.

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