Bountyhive — Summer Upgrades

Tudor Stomff
Jun 11, 2018 · 4 min read

Let’s start 🎩

Security First

Bountyhive’s mission is to offer a sleek, intuitive but also secure hunting experience. Taking into account the multitude of threats, existing and continuously increasing, we need to add more ways to protect our hunters from bad actors and outside threats.

What’s the password, eh? 😾

UI/UX 2.0

Following some of the first points of the last paragraph regarding the Bountyhive experience, we have now updated parts of our interface to provide not only more information and data, but also structured it better and made it easier to understand.

Something seems new here 🤔

As soon as you get to the Browse Campaigns page, the go-to place for the majority of Bounty Hunters today, you can now easily select between the campaign types, search for any campaign right there and also sort them in an intuitive manner.

You are now also able to sort and group your finished Campaigns and Airdrops in order to have an exact view of what you are currently participating in and what Campaigns/Airdrops you participated in have finished.

More & Better Rewards

№1 — Improved Tiers

By now, everyone is familiar with our “Tiering” system. It definitely brought a breath of fresh air in the Bounty ecosystem and a new view on how rewards can be calculated.

While in most cases it does the job perfectly and no issues have arisen, we have decided, after having numerous discussions with members of our community ( and running multiple simulations & tests, that indeed, subtle edge cases will appear which may deem the Tiering system for some Bounty Types as the lower tier option (pun intended).

The only possible types that can be affected by these edge-cases can be Facebook, Twitter and Signature Bounties, where, in order to prevent this, we decided to implement a “Multiplier” approach. Keep in mind that the average rewards for each Tier remain mostly the same, with no notable differences, but most importantly, this approach offers a 100% protection rate against all edge-cases, even against the more rare/complicated ones, meaning better and more stable rewards for everyone. The Multiplier Tiers will take effect starting with the next campaign whose results have not yet been displayed.

Are you saying there’s still hope even if me and all my Jr. friends enter the same Bounty? Yes 😎

№2— Additional Referral Rewards

There are even more ways to earn on Bountyhive now. In addition to our Referral Rewards that are paid out directly in ETH, you can now get rewarded by referring any ICO to Bountyhive. This grants you a direct percentage of the Bounty Pool, and this is just for spreading the news about Bountyhive to your favorite ICOs! 💰


You maybe saw Airdrops mentioned in the last paragraphs and yes, you guessed it right! Airdrops are now on Bountyhive 🎉

Browse ’em, Join ’em, Get Rewarded 🤖

Eager to see them? Head over to the Airdrops section and choose your next Airdrop to participate in!


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