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An Introduction

Bounty hunting history began hundreds of years ago in England. The word “bounty” (from Latin bonitās, Old French bontet) has its roots in the late 1300 and means “a gift, a reward, a virtue”.

A bounty is usually a payment or reward often offered by a group as an incentive for the accomplishment of a task by someone usually not associated with the group. Those who make a living by pursuing bounties are known as bounty hunters.

Fast-forward a couple of centuries later, where bounties have become, due to their fast result-yielding nature, the preferred method of marketing an ICO. They provide what every ICO is desperately in need for, the means for building a strong and close community for their product. Bounty Hunters are rewarded for their hard work and ICOs get a reliable and certain market penetration.

Blockchain has already disrupted hundreds of companies and industries, and as such, marketing is no different. For the up and coming startup that makes the choice of running an ICO, a bounty program offers them the initial product validation through the feedback that is received from the community, while also building a genuine connection with their supporters.

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What is Bountyhive?

Bountyhive.io is the most complex and fully featured Bounty Hunting platform, connecting ICOs & Bounty Hunters. It’s the result of over 6 months of active development and brainstorming, stemming from the desire to bring a change in regards to the efficiency & transparency of how bounties are currently run.

For a long period of time, bounties were run on the most popular cryptocurrency forum, Bitcointalk. Having run ourselves no less than 18+ different Bounty Campaigns for various companies on Bitcointalk we are pretty familiar with the ins and outs of setting up and running a bounty.

In doing so, we noticed the multitude of deficiencies and problems with running such a complex program on a simple forum that was never meant for this.
Getting people to submit dozens of forms, getting their work verified and organizing them in an enormous spreadsheet containing thousands or even tens of thousands of people is a monstrous task, both for Bounty Hunters and Campaign Managers.

Check this out: our Pundi X spreadsheet with 10K+ participants. Nothing good can come out of this. 😅

There must be better methods of torture than this…

So, in order to not go mad after checking tens of thousands of entries in dozens of separate spreadsheets, we figured there needs to be an efficient and elegant manner to tackle this problem.

This led us to create Bountyhive. A platform that solves the actual issues that we, along with tens of thousands of Bounty Hunters and hundreds of ICOs were facing.

Behind the curtain

We are experienced managers from Bitcointalk, having worked with 18+ ICOs even before Bountyhive and an additional 5 after launching Bountyhive, 1 week ago.

Our ICOs have raised over $400M combined and we have paid out almost $20M to about 100,000 Bounty Hunters, who have in turn shared or retweeted our projects more than 2M times, translated each one of them in over 20+ languages and published thousands of Articles written in English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German and a ton of other languages.

The team behind the scenes consists of several developers, designers, community managers, marketers and perhaps most important of all, Bounty Managers. Together, we have brought success to numerous ICOs before launching Bountyhive and now we’re taking it one step further. As such, this is the result of our entire accumulated experience and the endless feedback we received from the community in running so many different projects during the past year.

For our Bounty Hunters

  • An intuitive and easy to use interface, specifically with Bounty Hunters in mind.
  • Full control over your account: Change your info, settings, ETH payment address, etc whenever you want.
  • One place to link your accounts: Add your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram or Bitcointalk accounts once and that’s it! You can start hunting right away.
  • Manually checked and validated ICOs, eliminating fake/shady campaigns and unpaid work.

For your ICO

We take care of all the hassle, ensuring the validity of both ICOs and Bounty Hunters and constantly monitoring your campaign so no issues arise on either side. Besides this, we handle the distribution of tokens, ensuring that you can focus on what’s important, whereas Bounty Hunters know they will be paid on time and have a trusted source to contact if any problem arises.

We also do your:

  • Community Management
  • Token Escrow & Distribution
  • Participant & Entry Verification
  • Campaign Stats (you get a personalized page, where you’ll see all the statistics of your campaign)