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Dec 1, 2018 · 4 min read

The making of a mobile app & some serious pain points

A Typography Video

My first experience with Tumult Hype was learning the tools by experience. We were challenged to storyboard (something I had never done before) and create scenes to make a typography video. The song Teenage Girl by Cherry Glazerr had been in my head non-stop, I knew it was a sign from the type gods that I had to do this song. My first impression of the assignment was that I wanted to do my own type — something bubbly with the That 70’s Show Title Feel. We only had a few short weeks so I knew it wouldn’t end up establishing it perfectly, I decided to go the hand-drawn route and challenge my type ability.

Mood Board + Inspiration Videos

The Inspiration

I pulled together a mood board of favorite bold color images I had saved. My color palette evolved from this mood board, along with some major creative influence from my favorite band Washed Out for some motion help with my type.


My first experience with creating scenes. Below is an image of 6 out of 24 scenes I hand-drew on my iPad Pro. Storyboarding is very time consuming, but was ultimately worth it once I pieced everything together.

The planning phase
The Final Video

Making an Interactive Infographic

The next phase of the project was creating an interactive graphic to communicate information. With my bold colors, and a teenage girl audience in mind I decided to make a monthly horoscope feature to encourage readers to learn about their horoscope sign.


While doing research I discovered most of the horoscope centered websites weren’t appealing to the type of audience I was looking for. I decided to focus my studying more on female based social websites/apps that offered horoscopes and found my diamond in the rough — Refinery 29. A women’s based digital company that offers an entire section of stories segmented to horoscopes.

Artwork from Refinery 29’s Weekly Horoscope Column

I loved how the website pulled in illustrations that represented each sign, and offered a unique perspective of women within that sign. The horoscope Leo is represented in the image above to the left and Libra is represented on the right.

The Challenge

Creating something that flowed easily to the point but rich in personality was difficult for me.

A mobile app of your choice

The last step of our project was condensing everything made thus far into a mobile app. I decided to still link in previous elements, but take a minimalist approach with a thin font and a more muted color palette.

Brain Storming

After starting my infographic and being introduced to a few women social websites like The Wing and Refinery 29 I knew I wanted to create an app that was social. I took major inspiration from Medium, Instagram, and Snapchat’s news stories in app.

Sketch it Out

First Sketches for the App

One of the biggest problems I ran into while in the planning phase was making sure I was still relating to the same audience from beginning to end. Getting teenagers interested in reading articles was something that had to be fun, engaging, and most importantly social.

First look

Elements on paper transformed with Adobe XD

Revised Design

Revised Design Prototype using Adobe XD

Visualizing the App

A style guide for my social app
Whirl App Screens

Adding Interactions with Tumult Hype

The hardest part about making an app in Hype was having the animations run seamlessly. Hype it not typically used for the making of apps so it was hard to make it look exactly like I had wanted — That being said I was super impressed with the program and since this project have used Hype animations for websites, email marketing, and social media gifs.

Showing how I animated elements in Hype

For more of my design projects follow along here @bousehaus or visit my website here


A collection of my personal work, design research, & thoughts

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A collection of my personal work, design research, & thoughts

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