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Digital Tips & Trends, November 2021

Greetings from The Birdbath! This monthly newsletter from Bower Blue takes a look at digital tips & trends impacting the visual arts & design communities. Any questions? Let us know!


Last month brought us some big updates for video on Instagram, as the company continues its push into video. IGTV will be retired and merged into other video interfaces. Basically, videos will be less of a walled-off area on the app and more integrated into the main feed experience. Over at Social Media Today, it is pointed out that adding features to the point of bloat, then trimming it back, is a bit of a pattern at Facebook.


* New feature alert! Instagram has expanded the ability to include sharing links in Stories to all users.

* Still using hashtags in your campaigns and other social media activity? You should, but the rules have shifted. Social Media Today has a good overview, with a handy #infographic.


While we have been busy with season two of Barbara London Calling (who spoke recently about it with the Brooklyn Rail), we have not featured in the Birdbath recently.

* Here’s a quick refresher on some basic ideas for growing your podcast audience.

* And if you need a pretty comprehensive survey of podcasting fundamentals, here is a great overview of pretty much everything podcast related, from terminology to understanding statistics to differences between the different platforms.


We were honored to produce this great project for our client the Richard Diebenkorn Foundation, examining a critical moment in Diebenkorn’s early career as an artist. Special thanks to The Morgan Library for making Rachel Federman available, Van Doren Waxter for the beautiful accompanying exhibition, Brent Foster Jones for bringing this project to us, and of course everyone at the Diebenkorn Foundation and Daisy Murray Holman (also featured in the video) for their support and contributions.

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