8 Path Solutions and Box Make High-Volume Image Processing Fast and Easy

Location: New York, NY
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Digital asset management with automated file naming and image tagging using machine learning algorithms


8 Path Solutions ​develops integrated solutions that leverage existing systems, include customized tools, and utilize the latest data science methodologies. The company uses clinical diagnosis, scientific rigor, and technical expertise to meet the immediate needs of clients and determine optimized and executable strategies to achieve measurable results.​ ​8 Path Solutions partners with larger firms and third party vendors to meet the industry demand for specialized, scientific, and technical expertise in both the private and public sector.

8 Path Solutions partnered with Box to offer a new approach to managing digital content that enhances Box’s existing functionality. B-Roll is a cloud-based digital asset management solution that provides access to machine learning capabilities and a patented file renaming process.


Managing digital content can be a burden for consumers and enterprises alike. Most people have digital images sitting on various devices that have yet to be transferred to an archive due to the laborious process of sorting and managing these files. To add complexity, the process of transferring photos from digital cameras often requires a secondary process of opening each file, renaming it, and moving it to another location.

In the business world this task becomes exponentially more difficult for organizations that must classify and manage photos and other digital assets as part of their operational and business processes. It requires significant time and manual effort for staff to ingest and maintain assets into one or more archive locations, taking time away from other more business-critical tasks.


8 Path Solutions envisioned a new approach to managing digital assets by focusing on accelerating the file naming process. Integrating with Box, B-Roll offers a new interface with enhanced functionality that leverages the power of Box’s content management capabilities.

B-Roll’s patented file renaming process transforms the time-intensive and tedious task of managing images into a streamlined and efficient process. Users no longer need to individually transfer, organize, and rename each file. Now, they can rename only one image in any series of images and B-Roll completes the task for them. All images are securely stored in Box.

B-Roll integrates the latest computer vision technologies to help users quickly and easily tag and locate files. By reading an image’s visual content, the solution automatically tags the images using trained models that improve over time. Tags are automatically integrated into Box metadata, so images can be seamlessly searched and viewed using either the B-Roll or Box interface. This means that once the images are tagged, this information is stored in the user’s Box account, so it persists even after the B-Roll subscription ends.

8 Path Solutions provides integration services to help clients get up and running with B-Roll and Box without having to invest their own time and resources. Unlike many in-house solutions, clients are not required to commit to a single machine learning service provider, and they can can compare more than one machine learning algorithm without writing a single line of code. B-Roll also gives users full control over how their tags are defined and applied across their assets while leveraging the automated tagging capabilities offered by third-party AI technology providers.

Ultimately, B-Roll’s flexibility and speed enable users and their organization to improve productivity and efficiency by create customized workflows around image processing and digital library management.

More Information

To learn more about the B-Roll and Box solution, visit: 8pathsolutions.com.