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May 2, 2019 · 2 min read
The new Box developer API documentation

As part of our continued work towards improving your experience with Box Platform, and making it easier to get the most vital and current information when you need it, we are happy to announce a major update to our API reference documentation.

The new documentation may be viewed at, and is just the first release in an extensive overhaul of the entire Box developer site.

Beyond the new streamlined experience, this first iteration in this larger rebuild delivers a number of enhanced features:

  • Fully open source docs: Documentation for the API reference is now automatically built via a new OpenAPI v3 specification definition. This spec is completely open to contributions, so we welcome any and all pull requests, issues, or suggestions that you may have.
  • Single source of truth for code samples: To ensure that SDK examples are always accurate and up to date, all code samples in the API reference documentation are now sourced directly from their respective SDK repositories within the Box Github account, which are continually updated as SDK changes are made.
  • Offline access: Need the developer documentation when you’re not connected? The API reference guide is now fully offline accessible.
  • Fixed and improved deep linking: We’ve improved the way in which you can link directly to the sections and content that you may want to save and share. Beyond having direct bookmarked links to all sections, you may notice links like the image below that show sublinks in each resource. You can link and share these sublinks directly to the content that you care about most within each resource, such as the example code, requests, and responses.
  • Fixed and improved mobile access: With these updates we wanted to make sure that the site was also fully available in any environment that you may want it in. We’ve vastly improved the mobile experience, giving you the option to view the docs where you want.

We want to hear your feedback about any suggestions, issues, or enhancements that you might want in the docs. Please reach out to us via Twitter, or through the site Github repository with any of those questions or suggestions you may have.

Happy coding!

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News and stories for working with the Box APIs

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