Announcing the new Box Platform changelog

Cristiano Betta
Jul 28, 2020 · 2 min read
New Box Platform changelog notifications

Today, we’re happy to announce the new Box Platform changelog with built-in RSS feeds, filters, and much more. This update to our public developer documentation makes it easier than ever for Box customers to stay up to date with any release notes related to the Box API, the Platform SDKs, as well as Box’s front-end UI libraries.

The new changelog comes with an exciting array of new features.

  • All the information in one feed. We’ve combined not just updates on our API, but also combined these with the updates of our Java, Windows, Node, and Python SDKs, as well as our CLI and UI Elements.
  • Powerful filters allow users to narrow down the release notes to just the entries of interest to them. Are you a Java developer interested in any impactful changes? Filter down the feed to just those release notes and you’ll find just the information you need.
  • Built-in RSS feed for all changes, as well as separate feeds for new features, impactful changes, and individual filters. These RSS feeds are ideal for staying up to date with changes right where you spend most of your time. We highly recommend having a look at Slack’s and Microsoft Team’s RSS integrations.
  • In-browser notifications help you identify what is new since you last visited. We’ve made it super easy to see what releases have happened since you last visited the documentation, and we even added a notifier right at the top of the documentation to alert you to any new features.

Please feel free to send us any feedback, suggestions, issues, or enhancements that you might have. You can reach out to us via Twitter, the developer forum, or through the changelog’s GitHub repository with any of those questions or suggestions you may have.

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