Box CLI adds proxy support

Cristiano Betta
Aug 24, 2020 · 1 min read

With the release of version 2.6.0, the Box CLI now supports the use of a proxy to access our APIs. Proxy support has been a much requested feature, as it allows a user to access the Box API on a network where access to is normally prohibited.

To set up the CLI with a proxy, provide the URL of the proxy (including its protocol and port), as well as your proxy username and password.

$ box configure:settings \
--proxy-url=socks:// \
--proxy-username=YOUR_USERNAME \

Now, every CLI command will be automatically proxied through your proxy server before it visits our APIs.

The proxy can be enabled/disabled by updating your settings as follows.

$ box configure:settings --no-enable-proxy # disables the proxy
$ box configure:settings --enable-proxy # re-enables the proxy

You can always check that if the proxy is currently enabled by running the box configure:settings command without any additional parameters.

$ box configure:settingsEnableproxy: true
URL: 'socks://'

The CLI supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS and PAC. You can download the latest version of the CLI from GitHub or using npm install --global @box/cli on any device running NodeJS.