Cognizant’s Guidewire Connector for Box Helps Insurers Accelerate the Claims Process

Location: Foster City, CA Industry: Insurance Use Case: Large file management and previewing for claims documentation


Cognizant is a global consultancy that is dedicated to transforming their clients’ business, operating, and technology models for success in the digital era. To serve the Property & Casualty (P&C) industry, Cognizant has partnered with Guidewire, a technology platform designed to enhance insurers’ ability to engage and empower their customers and employees. Cognizant provides insurers with Guidewire integration expertise throughout their implementation lifecycle.

Cognizant partnered with Box to power secure content services for the Guidewire ClaimCenter, an application that provides end-to-end claims lifecycle management. Box enabled claims administrators to work faster and more efficiently by enabling them to seamlessly upload and preview large files associated with a claim.


When it comes to uploading very large documents, insurance claims administrators often face a frustrating experience. Files of all types come in from the field, including photos and videos at the scene of an accident. Many legacy document management solutions are not able to handle the uploading of large, unwieldy file sizes and unusual file types. This results in a poor user experience that ranges from an excessively long wait time to complete upload failure.

Many of Cognizant’s P&C insurance clients expressed interest in explore using Box as a solution for handling very large files, however they were reluctant to replace their entire legacy document management solution. Instead, they wanted a way to augment their existing systems by leveraging Box’s file handling capabilities, while ensuring that these documents are available through their Guidewire ClaimCenter instance.


Cognizant designed and built the Guidewire Connector for Box, a seamless integration between Guidewire and Box that leveraged Box’s content management capabilities. The solution includes Box as a component of the ECM stack, and routes large files through Box for special handling. Administrators can upload any type of files into the system through any number of channels, and Box will process the file for storage in ECM or access through Guidewire ClaimCenter. Box’s file preview capabilities allow users to instantly viewing 120 file types from within the Guidewire interface — no need to use a separate application to download and view the file.

Figure 1: High Level Architecture

An easy workflow enables claims administrators to add a new document or policy folder to Box. Moreover, Box supports a smooth upload process from mobile devices — a critical user experience for customers and claims adjusters in the field. Ultimately, Box enables P&C staff to maintain a high-level of productivity as nothing stands in the way of a fast, smooth workflow.

Not only does Box provide powerful document handling, but the platform’s enterprise-grade security and governance capabilities enables P&C insurers to remain compliant with industry regulations. Box works seamlessly with an insurer’s existing retention policies and offers a granular permissions model for access to sensitive information. Customers and claims administrators can rest assured that any personal documentation will remain secure as it is routed between systems and collaborators on the way to resolving a claim.

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