COSI Insight iDocs and Box Help Turn Pitches into Deals by Streamlining Client-Facing Content

Location: New York, NY
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Secure content management, collaboration, and sharing of sales pitch materials; integration with other ECM systems, Microsoft applications, and external data sources.


COSI Consulting is a content management technology company that delivers user-centric solutions for accessing critical business content from enterprise content platforms. With its flagship product Insight, COSI makes it easier for companies to drive user adoption, maintain compliance and security, and maximize the value of their ECM systems.

COSI created Insight iDocs, in partnership with Box, to helps business professions turn pitches into deals by streamlining the development and delivery of client-facing content.


All sales and business development professionals know what it’s like to experience a time crunch before an important meeting with a prospective customer. There’s so much to prepare, yet so little time to get it all done. Often, reps want to save time by tweaking pitch materials that they’ve used in the past, but have trouble quickly locating all the pieces. Documents may be scattered across desktops and shared drives, or even accidentally erased. In addition, updating the materials with the latest data or fixes is time consuming at best, when the sales rep would rather spend time on strategy or higher-value tasks. A cumbersome content management process is not only frustrating for the user, but it can also put a prospective deal at risk.


COSI Consulting developed Insight iDocs to help sales professionals turn their pitches into deals by streamlining the development and delivery of client-facing content. Insight iDocs grew out of COSI Consulting’s work with Fortune 500 firms who needed standard practices for managing and monitoring the content that is produced during the pitch and deal process. Box as the content layer has simplified the overall solution by providing seamless, secure, and ubiquitous access to content for all involved. By integrating with Box, sales teams have a powerful end-to-end solution for accessing and managing their critical sales enablement materials.

Insight iDocs with Box enables sales teams to manage and collaborate on pitch documents quickly and easily using a simple, intuitive interface. The solution integrates seamlessly with familiar desktop tools, such as Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office and Outlook, which helps drive user adoption and consistent processes.

Pitch content is organized and stored in Box for easy discovery and reuse. With Box’s metadata schema, users can tag and organize customer information with consistent metadata and standardized folder structures. They can leverage Box’s powerful search and navigation features to quickly find and filter content, and access a complete audit trail of all content activities in Box’s action history. Because Box is a cloud platform, users can access all content from any device, anywhere and at any time.

The Insight iDoc solution can be integrated with a company’s internal databases, so users can easily update relevant attributes for customers, deals, or other information categories. In addition, cross-repository search features allow users to import supplementary content from other ECM systems, such as Documentum and Filenet, and assemble content from a variety of sources into their pitch. The content flows into Box, and the user can continue the pitch creation process directly in Box. To accelerate the process even further, Insight iDoc integrates with leading financial data providers, like Bloomberg, Factset, or Cap IQ, giving users quick access to current business data.

Box’s enterprise-grade security and governance ensures that sensitive content stays confidential, and only authorized users have access. Customers can configure dynamic security rules using Box’s security framework based on status attributes, product types, industry segmentation. Moreover, Box enables secure collaboration between internal and external users, protecting data as it changes.

Ultimately, COSI Insight iDocs and Box help sales professionals avoid the worry of last minute pitch creation. With quick access to the content they need, along with secure collaboration tools, they can easily manage all their client-facing content, from pitch to close.

More Information

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