COSI Insight LegalDocs and Box Make it Easier to Tag, Store, and Retain Critical Legal Documents

Location: New York, NY
Industry: Technology / Legal
Use Case: Automated tagging and secure storage of legal documents


COSI Consulting focuses on developing products that drive exceptional user experiences with enterprise content management platforms. With its flagship product Insight, COSI is fundamentally changing ECM usability perceptions and enabling organizations to finally realize the benefits of ECM implementations.

Insight enables easy content management by delivering solutions for a number of industry verticals, including legal services. In partnership with Box, COSI developed Insight LegalDocs to simplify and automate the process of tagging, storing, and retaining critical legal documents from Microsoft Office and Outlook into Box.


Within the legal industry, documentation is pervasive across the vast array of legal services, from a simple client consultation to complex litigation. When documentation is produced, it must be handled appropriately to support the processes and people involved, as well as to maintain compliance with security and records management policies. Typically, support staff are responsible for efficiently managing the lifecycle of legal documents, including tagging, securely storing, and retaining them for future reference. Attorneys and other authorized individuals must be able to easily access documents whenever needed.

However, manual processes are hard to scale when business is demanding. Numerous clients, complex cases, and legal system requirements can mean a heavy workload of menial processing tasks for support staff who could be spending their valuable time on more important work.

Legal service providers need a solution that helps staff automate document processing and optimize document management systems. To ensure user adoption, the solution must be easy to use and integrate seamlessly with the tools they use every day. The right solution can significantly increase personal productivity as well as the efficiency of the entire organization.


COSI Consulting saw an opportunity to tailor their Insight solution to support the needs of legal service providers. By integrating with Box, the new solution pairs Insight’s automation and tools integration capabilities with Box’s robust enterprise content management.

Insight LegalDocs with Box simplifies and automates the process of tagging, storing, and retaining critical legal documents as they flow directly from Microsoft Office or Outlook into Box. The cloud-based system gives legal teams the ability to create, track, store, and review documents and emails stored in Box through an intuitive user interface. Automation tools enable users to automatically assign document and case properties, such as file name or case number, and file documents in standardized folders according to configurable rules. The system auto-generates renditions and maintains links between renditions and source documents. Moreover, it automatically applies retention and enforcement policies with respect to declaring records.

Integration with Microsoft Office applications gives users powerful productivity enhancement tools. For example, users can quickly associate emails and attachments with cases directly from Microsoft Outlook, and easily transfer them to Box for secure storage and management. Users can save, manage, and search documents and metadata in Box directly from Windows Explorer, Outlook or Office applications, eliminating the need to export Outlook .pst files. In addition, they can integrate with Workshare and Office file compare tools for viewing and comparing versions.

Integration with Box enables legal service providers to leverage Box’s content management features from within the Insight LegalDocs interface, including the platform’s powerful filing, search, and retrieval capabilities. Users can link documents to multiple folders, e.g. by jurisdiction or attorney, and transparently apply document control policies. Box’s enterprise-grade security and governance features help organizations keep sensitive content secure and maintain compliance with information governance policies. Access permissions ensure that only authorized individuals have access to confidential documents.

Ultimately, Insight LegalDocs and Box enable legal service providers to increase staff productivity, drive consistency across their document handling processes, and reduce the risk of error and non-compliance. By integrating directly into the Microsoft tools that their staff already uses, the solution couldn’t be more seamless.

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