Crescendo and Box Help Mobile Sales Teams Close More Deals with Less Effort

Location: Oakland, CA
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Cloud content management for sales enablement


Sependa is an enterprise mobile application development firm that builds intelligent tools for today’s sales professional. The company creates solutions that streamline different aspects of the sales cycle, so sales representatives can stay productive and focus on what’s most important.

One of Sependa’s core products, Crescendo, leverages a customer’s existing cloud content solution, such as Box, to offer a real-time, customizable sales content creation and management resource.


Sales and marketing teams that work remotely are only as effective as their enablement tools. While in the field, sales representatives need to create and share a variety of documents with customers and partners. In particular, a sales presentation that’s tailored to a particular customer’s needs will enable the sales rep and brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

For the business, it’s critical that the team of sales reps are using the same approved content, such as brand elements and product messaging, to ensure consistency across all external-facing presentations. For the sales rep, timing and customization can often make or break a deal. Reps need the ability to quickly access shared content resources and create a focused presentation in minutes — all without marketing or tech support.

It all comes down to the right enablement tools. If a rep’s tool doesn’t integrate with their company’s cloud storage solution, customer communications can misfire. If the presentation isn’t effectively tailored to a potential customer’s needs, it can fail to “wow” them, resulting in lost deals.


To empower sales representatives in the field, Sependa developed Crescendo, a presentation and collaboration tool that enables a distributed sales team to establish a fluid workflow around documentation. The tool works seamlessly with Box, which means that no manual integration is needed. It automatically keeps a user’s local files up-to-date in real-time as content is modified in Box.

Reps use Crescendo to access shared content stored in Box and create a highly customized digital experience on their tablet. Aligning with Box’s support of 120+ file types, reps can create beautiful presentations in Crescendo that maximize the impact of their message and improve product consideration.

Crescendo is particularly well-suited for sharing presentations, sales sheets, or business documents, such as contracts. However, it is also often used to collaborate on documents, conduct surveys, or collect data. Crescendo is also useful in a variety of internal use cases, such as sharing meeting or on-boarding materials. It’s quick cloud syncing enables meeting attendees to easily stay updated as they transition from meeting to meeting. New members can read documents, watch videos, fill out forms, or sign contracts on their tablet.

With Crescendo and Box, users can keep all their documents in sync, both online and offline, as well as annotate and share documents. The centralized solution allows marketing teams to more easily distribute and update approved materials across teams and geographies, and ensure that reps are consistent in their branding and messaging usage.

Once a team has established their content workflows, Crescendo continues to support them with robust analytics. Usage data can help the organization learn more from their system in order to refine their processes and further optimize team productivity.

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