Crooze for Box Streamlines Digital Asset Management

Location: Chicago, IL
Industry: Enterprise Content Management
Use Case: Custom interface designed for digital asset management in Box


Crooze Corporation develops technology solutions, including a range of applications built on Box, that help enterprise companies accelerate their transition from on-premise systems to the cloud. With Crooze, companies are better able to manage all of their ECM content in one secure place, greatly enhancing user acceptance and adoption within the organization.

Crooze Digital Asset Management for Box is a complete turn-key solution for collaboration and management of multi-use digital files, such as brand artwork, images, videos, and similar assets, that are typically used in marketing communications. It empowers marketing organizations to build on the success of their Box implementation by adding Crooze’s full-featured digital asset management capabilities.


Today’s enterprise marketing organizations handle thousands, if not tens of thousands, of digital assets across a wide variety of teams and projects. Some assets are intended for short-term usage, such as specific campaigns or presentations. Others are core to the company’s brand or identity and are needed over the long-term for most marketing communications. Often, assets are stored in disparate systems which are not always interoperable or accessible to the organization at large. Or worse, they are stored on individual employee laptops, which can easily be lost or buried for a variety of reasons, including employee attrition.

IT organizations, burdened by competing business priorities, may be slow to developing a centralized solution to support marketing asset management. Such solutions are typically built on legacy infrastructure that is costly and time-consuming to configure, scale, and maintain. This means that marketing staff must develop highly-manual processes for managing and sharing assets, which greatly impacts employee productivity. All too often, marketing managers unexpectedly catch an incorrect usage of brand assets due to the decentralized, inefficient nature of this approach.


As part of their focus on ECM, Crooze has developed a solution that leverages the power of Box combined with an elegant user experience designed specifically for digital asset management. Through a simplified, custom-branded dashboard, marketing managers and others can easily access and manage digital assets stored in Box. The Crooze solution is intuitive and easy to use, allowing casual users to get up and running quickly with little to no training.

With Crooze, users can quickly upload assets with scanned IPTC and XMP metadata, and then manage the lifecycle of those assets using metadata. Fast, flexible search tools enable easy access to specific files or file categories. Leveraging Box’s file preview capabilities, users can preview over 150 file types within the Crooze application itself. Using an add-on feature, users can easily insert asset from the digital library directly into their presentations or other documents. In addition, Crooze taps the collaboration features of Box that enable teams to work on files together from a centralized content hub.

Box’s content governance capabilities enable system administrators to set permissions for viewing or updating files. This provides a curated view of content for the individual users. More importantly, it ensures that the right people get access to the assets they need, and critical assets do not get modified inadvertently.

With Crooze’s cloud architecture and Box integration, marketing organizations with an existing Box instance can implement their Crooze digital asset management application within hours. Because assets are stored in Box, the organization is able to leverage all of Box’s content security and governance features, as well as Box tools and integrations, giving them a premier DAM platform.

With the Crooze and Box solution, marketing teams can dramatically improve user productivity, as well as streamline workflows and asset management processes across a large, distributed organization.

Crooze Digital Asset Management for Box is part of Crooze’s overall suite of solutions built specifically for Box. Enterprise companies also leverage Crooze for other ECM needs, such as contracts management, as well as enterprise and corporate libraries. The entire suite of applications can be deployed in a few days or weeks, instead of the months or years that is typical with legacy on-premise solutions.

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