eWave Connects Box with SAP for Automated, Efficient Content Workflows

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Automated content processes and workflows between SAP and Box


e-Wave Solutions provides integration and workflow solutions for SAP® enterprise content management. With SAP-integrated document management technologies, e-Wave fully automates business process flows through a seamless connection between SAP and a company’s content repository.

To accomplish this, the company partners with a range of industry and thought leaders in the ECM and SAP marketplace.

In partnership with Box, e-Wave’s DocuFlow™allows SAP customers to leverage Box to modernize their content management systems, empowering the organization to be more productive and efficient in today’s fast paced and competitive marketplace.


Typically, enterprise IT organizations manage data and documentation across multiple systems, both in the cloud as well as on-premise. The complexity of maintaining numerous content systems, especially those on-premise, can be costly and resource-intensive. As a result, many companies are looking to consolidate their systems using cloud-based models to help them simplify a wide variety business processes and improve efficiency.

For business teams, distributed content processes can mean lost productivity and a slow response to business needs. Processes become even more complex when robust business systems, such as SAP, are included in the workflow. It can be challenging to connect the large volume of document-enabled transactions produced by SAP to an array of content repositories, each with their own processes and requirements. Another historical pain point for business teams has been the ability to share SAP-related content securely and safely with external business partners.


The first step towards improving SAP-powered workflows is to make the shift to a modern, cloud-based content management platform, such as Box. Box helps companies centralize and automate content processes, while providing enterprise-grade content security and governance capabilities. To enable the smooth flow of content between SAP and Box, e-Wave has built a processing layer that provides a trusted foundation and reliable toolset for managing the content flow.

DocuFlow for Box is a suite of powerful content-enabling functionalities that seamlessly integrates and automates business process flows between SAP and Box. It allows organizations to effectively integrate SAP and Box across a wide variety of SAP modules, lines of business, and functional teams, such as HR, Finance, or Sales.

By breaking down the integration between SAP and Box to key functional components, DocuFlow allows their customers to choose from existing SAP functionality and processes, as well as custom interfaces, to fulfill a vast range of requirements. DocuFlow gives customers full access to their integration layer, allowing them to fill any gaps in customization requirements. With DocuFlow+SAP Content API, a customer’s in-house SAP development team can utilize a powerful library of SAP facing CMS API’s to customize processes for their particular organization.

Box and DocuFlow make it easy for users to access, share, and store SAP documents. SAP users can transfer or link business documents directly to Box without having to leave their SAP screens. They can add content to Box from other services, such as email and productivity suites, then link it automatically to associated SAP records or kick off SAP processes or workflows. Metadata is automatically synced between SAP and Box, enabling any Box workflow, reporting, or collaboration process to leverage Box or SAP metadata, and vice versa. In addition, the DocuFlow and Box solution allows business users to share SAP-generated content in a way that is flexible, collaborative, and secure.

For the business, the DocuFlow — Box integration makes it easier to leverage the full capabilities of both SAP and Box across a wide range of use cases. The solution increasing automation and streamlines workflows for greater operational efficiency and employee productivity. By utilizing Box as a centralized, cloud-based repository for enterprise content, IT organizations can eliminate much of the set up and maintenance costs associated with storing content on on-premise hardware.

e-Wave is continually improving DocuFlow for Box with new features and functionality. Recent additions to the platform include: utilization of Box platform service accounts, Box app user connection pooling, Box embedded URL viewing from SAP, and SAP content server implementation.

More Information

Learn more about the DocuFlow for Box solution, request a live demo, or visit: www.e-wavesolutions.com.