Fieldwire and Box Enable Easy Collaboration on Construction Management Documentation

Location: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Construction
Use Case: 2-way content synchronization between Box and Fieldwire platforms


With cloud-based technologies becoming more pervasive across industries, construction management companies are beginning to leverage modern collaboration platforms to help improve efficiency on job sites. One of the most popular tools in this space, Fieldwire, is a mobile application that organizes all of the information needed on a construction site and contextualizes it for the tasks at hand.

In partnership with Box, Fieldwire created two-way syncing functionality between its plan viewing and document control features using Box’s storage capabilities. This enables construction managers to distribute information to team members and facilitate collaboration more easily than ever.


In the construction industry, specialists from numerous trades work together to complete complex, multi-faceted projects. However, communication between the various vendors can be challenging, despite efforts to digitize project documentation and modernize collaboration processes. In addition, project information is always changing, and depending on the project, new versions of plans may be issued multiple times on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. For example, many different teams need to contribute to core document updates, such as floor plans, change orders, or materials specifications, and all crew members need access to the most up-to-date set at any time.

Often, each vendor brings their own technology stack to the job that includes interfaces, workflows, and access governance that do not always work smoothly across stacks. Centralizing document sharing and collaboration is key to streamlining teamwork and improving efficiency throughout the project. Because crews reference documents while on the job site, they also need a sophisticated mobile experience that is fast and fluid.


To enable cross-team collaboration, Fieldwire offers a central, mobile-optimized platform for construction crews to access and manage project documentation and communications. Through a seamless, 2-way integration with Box, users can upload the latest documents, either through the Fieldwire interface or through Box directly, and access those same documents through either system as needed on any mobile device. This ensures that all members of the crew are automatically updated in real-time, reducing the risk of duplicate data entry or out-dated information that may negatively impact project work. In addition, construction managers can leverage Fieldwire’s plan viewing and red-line markup tools to track on-site changes and assign work to anyone on the project.

Figure 1: Plan view in Fieldwire (linked to Box)

Capturing and managing photo documentation is another important on-site process. With Fieldwire’s 2-way Box integration, any photos taken in Fieldwire are automatically synced to Box, so crew members always have access to the latest photos and can easily share them across the project team.

The Fieldwire and Box integration has helped many construction companies streamline their processes, including Webcor Builders, a San Francisco-based firm involved with the Moscone Center expansion. “The 2-way Box synchronization has enabled our already-busy staff to update drawings in one location on our network,” said Matt Watley, Assistant Project Manager. “The drawings are then quickly updated in Fieldwire, so we can access them from anywhere. With our constantly changing document set, this has been a great help to us. We no longer have to worry about whether or not it’s up-to-date. It just happens.”

Figure 2: Moscone Center (courtesy of Webcor Builders)

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