Harmony’s No-Code Mobile Apps Securely Access Content in Box

Location: London, UK
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Code-free mobile app generator accesses content stored in Box


Harmony is an SaaS platform that allows businesses to unlock the potential of mobile by empowering non-technical colleagues to build and launch native mobile applications without writing any code. With Harmony, anyone in any organization can easily build apps on demand, in compliance with enterprise governance, and within a secure environment.

Harmony has integrated with Box to enable customers to securely store and access content, media, and metadata for every app they build.


Today, mobile applications are pervasive across the enterprise. Not only are customer-facing apps considered table stakes for most major brands, but companies are using a host of internal-facing apps to improve business processes and boost employee productivity. When it comes to having a mobile app built, many organizations within an enterprise find themselves with limited options. They may use simple tools that give quick results but can not connect to existing data systems, ensure data security and compliance, or provide a full-featured user experience. Alternatively, they may commission IT or a digital agency to build a custom app. However, this option usually requires considerable resources, time, and cost.


Harmony brings together the best of both worlds, enabling anyone within an organization to assemble production-ready apps in minutes. Using Box APIs, Harmony apps can seamlessly and securely access existing data and assets stored in Box, creating a fluid and content-rich user experience.

With Harmony, organizations can respond to business needs faster than ever before, without having to spend upwards of $100K and six months to develop a mobile application from scratch. This means that an insurance auditor, a healthcare professional, a bank branch representative or a supervisor on a film set can use Harmony to create an application that suits their use case — with only a fraction of the effort and cost.

“The challenge was to create a platform that was powerful but easy to use,” explains Matt Brooke-Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Harmony. “While our background is in technology, designing Harmony meant focusing on real people within our customers’ organizations to find out what goals they were trying to achieve and how an app could make a real difference in their day-to-day.”

Along with supporting a great user experience, Harmony and Box also enable user creativity within the governance boundaries of an enterprise organization. Administrator controls allow the company to specify how data should be integrated and which apps are rolled out into production. Box’s enterprise-grade security and content governance features ensure that content flows are protected and comply with information sharing and management policies. With clients across a wide-ranging set of industries, Harmony’s focus on security is matched by Box’s compliance framework, enabling teams to use live data and media, no matter how confidential.

“We have over ten years experience in building apps for leading financial enterprises.” says Harmony Co-Founder, Davide Casarin. “Prioritizing security and a robust technical architecture have been a part of Harmony’s core since our inception, from the way we engineer our micro-services to the platforms we recommend to our customers. Box shares our commitment to technical quality, so working together is a no brainer.”

Data security and employee productivity were important considerations for one of Harmony’s customers, BlocPower. BlocPower helps customers save money on their energy bill by auditing their properties and funding efficiency improvements, such as the latest boiler. This requires sending audit teams to buildings all over New York City to survey buildings and gather data, then return to the office to manually input that data. To improve efficiency, BlocPower used Harmony and Box to create a customer-facing mobile app that overhauled their audit processes.

Using the Harmony app, BlocPower’s customers can more easily participate in their building’s audit by providing data and assets, such as images and video, to help BlocPower recommend specific energy-saving improvements. Data and assets are securely uploaded and stored in Box, maintaining customer privacy. BlocPower employees can easily access customer content in Box and accelerate their own internal workflows and drive sales. Audit teams can also reduce the number of in-person audits needed, increasing team productivity and efficiency.

With Harmony and Box, any organization can boost their team’s productivity and improve business processes by building secure, content-rich mobile apps at the speed of business.

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