Heizenrader and Box Transform Medtech Collateral Distribution

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Industry: Healthcare / Technology
Use Case: Secure file sharing and distribution


Heizenrader is a digital agency that specializes in building mobile experiences that leverage mobile applications, augmented or virtual reality, animation, web, and backend development to help companies tell compelling stories.

In partnership with Box, Heizenrader developed a solution for medical technology companies that helps them securely store and distribute informational collateral to healthcare providers.


As in any industry, medical technology companies need to distribute information to a wide range of customers around the world. Usually in the form of printed collateral, such information promotes new products, educates healthcare providers, or delivers expanded information on products or services. Typically, printed collateral is distributed to physicians, nurses, and others by local sales representatives. This model is subject to the high cost of printing the materials — including any updates needed when information becomes out of date. It also requires significant time, effort, and cost to manage distribution across markets.


Heizenrader wanted to help medical technology companies transition away from the challenges inherent in managing hard copy collateral distribution and establish a digital system that gives them more control. They developed RedWagon, a white-labelled, global-ready application that helps sales representatives distribute and manage customer-facing literature electronically through a simple digital interface.

At the heart of the RedWagon solution is Box. Heizenrader chose to partner with Box due to the platform’s ease of integration and compliance with healthcare industry regulations around content management security and governance. Box APIs sync content stored in a medtech company’s Box instance with its customer-facing mobile application. Box ensures that document security is maintained during content delivery, and that healthcare providers are viewing the most up-to-date files at any one time. Moreover, Box’s support for 120+ file types enables medtech companies to deliver rich media files, such as training videos, along with their text-based documents.

In addition to accessing a company’s document repository, the RedWagon app helps sales reps better prepare for customer meetings by enabling them to easily organize and present the documents that are most relevant to a customer. After the meeting, reps can share documents by emailing customers a link to download the files themselves.

On the backend, the RedWagon app can be configured to support any number of global markets. Files can be designated as “internal” or “public.” Permissions to distribute via email can be set for each file, as well as any requirements for first capturing customer data or signatures.

For medical technology companies, the RedWagon solution enables them to save significant costs by digitizing their informational material. It also increases distribution efficiency and sales rep productivity through real-time access to the most up-to-date, relevant content.

For the Heizenrader team, their partnership with Box has been essential to the app’s success. Because Box has invested years of development in the Box content management platform, Heizenrader was able to reap the benefits of integrating a best-of-breed third-party platform into their mobile app. Box takes care of the secure content services needed to power content delivery in the app. This gave the development team the freedom to focus on building a great user experience.

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