HITS and Box Empower Hospitals to Go Paperless

Location: St. Louis, MO
Industry: Healthcare
Use Case: Document management and workflow


HITS Scanning Solutions is a document scanning and conversion company that helps customers optimize and better manage their documentation. Whether customers need scanning solutions for paper documents, blueprints, maps, microfilm, or medical monitoring strips, HITS can assist them with all of their scanning needs. HITS also specializes in data migration and document destruction.

Within the healthcare industry, document security is a top priority. HITS partnered with Box to offer healthcare providers an innovative solution for scanning, storing, and viewing the lengthy paper strips that record fetal monitoring data. STR8VIEW enables providers to securely access these files in the cloud, while maintaining compliance with the industry’s strict data security regulations.


Many factors impact a healthcare provider’s ability to efficiently manage documentation. Ensuring the accessibility and security of a wide variety of document types can result in over-engineered archive solutions that are often excessive, inefficient, and not cost effective.

For example, medical records carry one of the longest retention periods of any industry. These retention periods range from 7 to 30 years, and even some records are required to be kept forever. These timelines put a strain on Health Information Management departments due to the large volumes of data to be stored in physical and digital locations. Not only is a hybrid storage system costly, but it can often can hinder efficient file searching. When a patient’s record is needed within minutes, fast and simple accessibility to those records are vital.

Document security has become an increasing concern in recent years, particularly with the rise of hackers and cybercriminals who see medical records as more valuable than credit cards. With a considerable amount of sensitive data being accessed by numerous people, there is a need for an auditing process to track who is viewing specific files at a certain time. This has proven to be difficult with documents in paper form.

One particular medical record type — the fetal monitoring strip — is particularly challenging for providers to manage. These strips capture data from fetal monitors in paper strips that can be several feet long and cumbersome to store. As they must be kept for a minimum of 20 years, the paper records are subject to fading and tearing over time, making valuable information unreadable.

HITS wanted to help their healthcare customers better manage and utilize their archival documentation. Focusing on fetal monitoring strips, they envisioned a user-friendly digital solution that would allow providers to store and view these documents in the cloud. To do so, they needed a vendor who could complement their core scanning service with a robust, HIPAA-compliant content management platform. They chose to partner with Box.


STR8VIEW is a complete archiving solution for fetal monitoring strip documentation, offering a user-friendly interface, audit tracking capabilities, and industry compliant data protection. HITS scans and converts paper strips into electronic records and leverages Box to store and manage them securely in the cloud. The collaboration with Box enabled HITS to control costs while building a solution that supports customers who require HIPAA, HITECH, SOC 1, SOC 2 Type II, and SOC 3 compliance. Thanks to the Box Platform, HITS was able to bring STR8VIEW to market faster than previously expected.

One of the unique features of STR8VIEW is the document viewer. Using Box file previewer embedded in the application, users can quickly access and scroll through an entire lengthy fetal monitoring strip in one continuous viewing, rather than only view pieces at a time. Moreover, users do not have to first download a large file and view it in a separate application. This makes it quick and easy for healthcare providers to review patient data and find the information they need to get their job done.

As customers saw how STR8VIEW handled fetal monitoring strips, new ways to use the application emerged. Data and other documents could be migrated into the application from multiple systems, giving users one centralized place to access all relevant information related to an individual patient. This eliminates the hassle of going through numerous systems to retrieve records, increasing staff productivity and efficiency.

For Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC), STR8VIEW enabled them to migrate over one terabyte of data from 36 applications, along with all their fetal monitoring strip archives, to just one central system. CRMC staff can now easily search for files that do not require any set parameters, unlike their previous systems, as well as seamlessly examine a monitoring strip in one continuous view.

“With STR8VIEW, HITS provided us with a hospital-wide solution to efficiently manage and access medical records on a daily basis.” Kelly Dolan, RHIA, Director of HIM, Privacy Officer, Capital Regional Medical Center

Going forward, HITS envisions more opportunities for STR8VIEW, powered by Box, to help healthcare providers — and other industries — modernize their document operations.

More Information

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