How Chime Meetings helps financial services companies better engage with their customers with Box Platform

As the shift to mobile and web channels continues, enterprises are faced with a number of communication challenges. External users often experience delays when joining online meetings, are forced to download plugins, switch browsers or launch separate applications. Video traffic can be blocked by corporate firewalls and, when scaled up, usually overburdens network resources. Integration with existing systems, whether it’s a telepresence room system, a contact center / CRM platform, or even a given business process, can be a complex undertaking, as communication technologies tend to operate within silos. These are the challenges that CaféX’s Chime collaboration suite addresses.

This need is nowhere more present than in financial services. Whether it’s an investment advisor communicating with a client, or an insurance adjuster working on a claim, there is a need for high fidelity real time communication. Chime can be deployed to front-line staff and contact center workers, offering a highly scalable, robust, and secure engagement solution.

About CaféX

CaféX builds software that makes it easier for people to collaborate online in ways that rival in-person experiences. A pioneer in web real-time communications (WebRTC), CaféX works with six of the world’s largest banks, three top US insurers, and many other Global 2000 firms to provide ‘one-click’ customer engagement and team collaboration solutions.

Growing with Box Platform

When CaféX first started using Box Platform, it was to power a document viewer in our video conferencing product, Chime Meetings. The initial simplicity of using Box Platform enabled our customers to share documents and collaborate over real-time voice and video, directly in their browsers — very easy. This, however, has just been the beginning.

Chime Meetings is a video conferencing product built by CaféX

We see tremendous opportunity to evolve Chime with the roadmap for Box’s Platform product. In the near term, it’s been incredibly satisfying to use the Box UI Elements to add advanced file preview capabilities to our entire Chime collaboration suite, starting with the Box Content Preview UI Element. One of the many Box UI Elements, this component is faster, more compatible and, most importantly, supports hundreds of file formats. With this UI Element, when a file (of nearly any type) is shared, it can be viewed with native fidelity within web and mobile clients. Users have full control to zoom in on text and interact with content. As a result, architects, teachers, engineers and other professionals are empowered to collaborate on diagrams, 3D models, and many other custom file formats.

Powered by Box Content Preview, Chime Meetings users can share and collaborate on nearly any type of file

This framework sets us up well to do advanced content analytics, and even to explore future interaction patterns. For example, imagine allowing users who are watching a presentation to click forward or backwards in the deck, and then feeding this activity back to the presenter, giving him or her a cue to pick up the pace!

Exciting joint opportunities

Perhaps most exciting is the opportunity we’re seeing with Box in our joint customers, where our real-time collaboration platform can be connected with secure document vault solutions being built on Box Platform. When enterprises store their content in Box, adding voice and video collaboration over the top becomes natural. With no new security concerns or additional requirements for file storage, the Box Platform makes the integration into this secure system friction-free. The business process in the enterprise remains unchanged, because collaboration can take place within CaféX’s solution without having to move content out of the document vault built on Box Platform. For example, a financial services company might use Chime to manage the interactions between financial advisors and their clients, while documents shared by Chime automatically flow into the client’s secure document vault built on the Box Platform. These interactions are now seamless because they’re operating within the same underlying content platform: Box.

Working with the Box Platform only gets easier and more powerful as it develops. We look forward to continued joint innovation to help enterprises streamline processes and delight customers.

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