How Doxly simplifies legal transactions with Box Platform

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Industry: Legal

Use Case: Document Management


Doxly’s secure transaction management platform brings control, peace of mind, and velocity to legal transactions by centralizing checklists & reporting, tracking documents, tasks, & versions and automating the entire signature management process. Built by corporate attorneys for corporate attorneys, Doxly’s secure cloud-based platform automates workflows for diligence and closing checklists, provides transaction-specific analytics and reports, enables legal teams and clients to collaborate on documents, automates signature collection and archives transaction-related information to create digital “closing books” in a secure and trusted environment. Doxly leverages Box Platform as the cloud content management layer of their application, securely storing and managing all the documents in the cloud and creating a rich, collaborative experience for their users.

Doxly is a legal transaction management platform built on the Box Platform


Legal transactions are complex and chaotic. In every legal transaction, there are countless paper documents, revisions, and signatures to review, negotiate, and track. At the beginning of each transaction, attorneys create closing checklists to detail all the deliverables that need to be completed in order to close a transaction. As a result, attorneys get bogged down with administrative tasks, slowing the deal and distracting them from providing the high-value services where they add the most value. Founded by former corporate attorney Haley Altman, Doxly set out to build a software product that brought simplicity to the legal transaction process.

The Doxly team knew that documents play a critical role in legal transactions. To build their product, the Doxly team needed a way to securely store and manage all the documents in each legal transactions, enable attorneys to view and collaborate on documents with team members and clients, and maintain a comprehensive record of a transaction for audit purposes.


Doxly brings efficiency, transparency, and order to the legal transaction process. When an attorney logs into Doxly, they can browse all the deals they are currently working on. Drilling into a specific deal, an attorney can manage their closing checklist, view documents at each stage of the transaction, add comments to collaborate with their team or with clients, and track versions and revisions of every document. Doxly’s Signatures Simplified platform allows attorneys to forgo the tedious signature packet creation process by automating the creation of signature blocks, pages and packets. At the close of the deal, a closing book is automatically created to distribute to all parties with just a few clicks. Doxly also offers a Data Room, where they can collect and manage all diligence documents for each deal and communicate with team members and clients at the document level.

Doxly Secure Data Room

Doxly leverages Box Platform as the cloud content management layer of their legal transaction management platform. All of the documents are securely stored in Box, made accessible only to the attorneys working on a particular deal, and attorneys can view documents directly in the Doxly interface using Box’s preview technology. Attorneys can easily track versions of each file, and all activity is tracked and recorded in a comprehensive audit trail.

Doxly Closing Checklist


Doxly provides attorneys with a single solution to manage all aspects of a legal transaction, replacing paper documents and email attachments with a secure cloud-based platform. By leveraging Box Platform, Doxly is able to focus on the unique needs and workflows of attorneys in a legal transaction.