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How to setup Box Shield Threat Detection

Viking shield wall
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  • detect malicious account holders who use their access to steal data or access content.
  • detect compromised accounts based on context such as locations, activities, and access patterns.
  • detect potential malware in content uploading to your enterprise’s Box account, and enforce downloading restrictions.
  • make important security decisions based on rules and behaviors.
Types of rules in box shield threat detection

Malicious content

  • Reputation scan of threats by comparing your files to files known to contain malware
  • Deep scan of certain file types by evaluating the content of those files
Malicious content alert in dashboard

Suspicious location

Suspicious location alert in dashboard

Suspicious session

Anomalous downloads

Setting up rules

Rule details
Select criteria

Detection feedback

Suspicious location detection feedback
Malicious content detection feedback

Creating list

It found something, now what?



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