Paladin Integrates Box with ServiceNow for Seamless Document Sharing

Location: Solana Beach, CA
Industry: Systems integration, enterprise technology development and consulting
Use Case: Service request documentation sharing and viewing across platforms


ServiceNow helps companies consolidate their on-premise IT tools and migrate them to a modern, easy-to-use service management solution in the cloud. Whether it be managing customer requests, IT incidents, or HR cases, ServiceNow makes it painless for end users to submit and track requests using intelligent workflows and an easy-to-use portal.

Paladin partnered with Box to extend the functionality of the ServiceNow platform and enable users to easily and securely attach important documents to their request. The Box for ServiceNow Accelerator helps customers improve the speed and quality of service, as well as provide a full mobile experience to their users — all while maintaining enterprise-grade content security.


ServiceNow’s core offering enabled users to input a request or report an incident, however, users had no way to seamlessly share or view the documentation needed to support the request. The document recipient had to download an attachment in order to view it — provided they had the right software to view the file. Many mobile users were unable to view the attachment at all. This experience resulted in wasted cycles and back and forth communications to try and explain an issue, which greatly increased the time needed to close a request.


ServiceNow users can attach documents in three types of use cases: catalog request, incident report, or knowledge base update. With the Box for ServiceNow Accelerator, any of these documents can be viewed directly from within the ServiceNow interface. As the Box file previewer supports over 100 file types, users no longer need to download the file or have a particular application loaded. This is key to enabling a smooth user experience, particularly on mobile devices. With the flexibility of the cloud and the power Box, customers and support staff can easily upload and view spreadsheets, presentation files, Word documents, videos, X-rays, CAD design files, screen captures, and more.

For example, employees seeking new hardware can attach specification sheets, price quotes, or budget approvals to support their request. Incident reports can include evidence files, and knowledge base updates can include additional resources or instructions. Employees or customers who need to interact with these documents can do so quickly, easily, and painlessly. Box’s cross-platform compatibility enables field staff to better engage or support remote customers by reviewing documents with them face-to-face on any mobile device.

When it comes to security, the Box for ServiceNow Accelerator seamlessly maintains the security configurations already established in a company’s ServiceNow instance. Users with permission to view or edit an attachment in ServiceNow can also do so through the Accelerator. Managing and provisioning Box user credentials can also be done within ServiceNow via the Accelerator. In addition, the Box for ServiceNow Accelerator can export any of the ServiceNow tables to XML or CSV, either on-demand or run on a pre-set schedule, for data storage or analysis using external systems.

Box for ServiceNow Accelerator provides a positive user experience that not only reflects well on the company’s brand, but it also increases employee productivity and efficiency, as well as accelerates business processes. Companies now have a simple way to provide better support to their customers and employees, resulting in faster resolution, cost savings, and increased loyalty.

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