K2 and Box Power Process Automation for Financial Services

Location: Bellevue, WA
Industry: Technology / Financial Services
Use Case: Financial service process automation connected to secure content management in Box


K2 is focused on digitizing and transforming inefficient legacy business processes using process automation technologies. The company’s K2 platform enables integrated, mission-critical process automation at scale, and helps organizations quickly roll out lightweight departmental workflows across the business. K2 serves global enterprise clients in a wide range of industries.

For financial institutions, K2 partnered with Box to optimize financial document processes and thereby streamline the business of loan origination, cashflow management, funds transfer, and more.


For financial service providers, it can be challenging to pursue new business opportunities while maintaining regulatory compliance in an efficient and cost-effective way. Many organizations operate with too many “black holes” within their business processes, such as lengthy document approval times. These gaps are often caused by a lack of sufficient resources, efficient systems to manage processes, and access to real-time content and data. Traditional document processes that include faxing, printing, and sending papers between offices can often stretch any business process from minutes to weeks.

Danny Knudsen, Business Solutions Manager at Southwest Bank, found that without a process automation solution, “…there was no way to quickly locate a document or know where it was in its approval process. That was one of the major things we wanted to solve. We needed to have transparency and tracking on these processes.”

Another K2 customer, the Commercial Bank of Qatar, was running an overly complex application architecture as a result of fast-paced growth over the years. This resulted in a number of critical inefficiencies. For example, the loan application process was prolonged due to lengthy timeframes for acquiring and verifying customer credit bureau information. Another constant pain point was the time-consuming and costly process of paper-based funds transfer requests. In addition, new leads captured on the bank’s website were not reaching sales teams in a timely manner. Needless to say, there were various “black holes” within the bank’s IT application architecture that needed improvement.


K2’s process automation platform was designed and built for organizations like Commercial Bank of Qatar and Southwest Bank in mind. By integrating Box into the platform offering, financial service providers are better able to work collaboratively across people, departments, and organizations by easily accessing the content they need from any device.

With K2 and Box, content is centralized into a single, secure management system. Users can interact with business and customer data dynamically using K2 SmartWizards to automate Box processes for content uploads, updates, versioning, and sharing. They can also access and manage documents stored in Box through any K2 form, workflow, or business application.

The solution helps ensure that process tasks are completed correctly and on time by scheduling and executing collaborative workflows around documents stored in Box. To help optimize output further, team managers get drill-down tools that provide insight into their team’s workload, performance, and bottlenecks.

For a heavily regulated industry such as financial services, Box’s enterprise-grade content security and governance capabilities ensure that customer data is securely stored and access is strictly controlled. Permissions to access and collaborate on specific documents or folders can easily be set and managed using Box tools.

When further customization is needed, IT organizations can reduce their backlog by giving tech-savvy business users low-code tools to build, run, and deploy their own business process applications. Integration with Box, via K2’s SmartObject framework, makes it possible to build business applications directly from the Box interface to build modern processes that easily and quickly empower people to collaborate on content.

With K2 and Box, financial service providers can fill in the many “black holes” in their core document processes. By simplifying and streamlining these processes, providers are better able to scale their operations while keeping costs contained. For those at the heart of the processes, employees and customers can enjoy a much simpler, faster, and productive experience.

More Information

To learn more about the K2 and Box integration, contact box@k2.com or visit: k2.com.