KnowledgeLake Capture Enables Seamless Document Scanning, Processing, and Transfer to Box

Location: St. Louis, MO
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Document scanning, processing, and transfer to Box


KnowledgeLake enables businesses to realize their full potential by serving them with new and innovative document solutions. Their cloud-based document processing platform imports, processes, and routes high volumes of content to multiple line-of-business systems and repositories. KnowledgeLake simplifies the workday by capturing and organizing content in order to empower people to do what they do best.

KnowledgeLake integrated Box into their cloud capture solution, giving Box users around the world an easy way to scan, upload, process, and transfer content to Box.


In many industries, document-driven processes are core to running the business. What may sound simple — scanning, tagging, and storing documents — can have a profound influence on operational excellence across the organization. At a minimum, processes must ensure accuracy and consistency in how documents are handled and used. They must be predictable and scalable, so that more people can handle a greater number of documents with ease. For many regulated industries, security around accessing, managing, and storing documents is paramount.

With the pace of business today, it’s incredibly challenging, if not impossible, to optimize document operations without a solution that automates and streamlines processes. Employee productivity decelerates when their workflows are mired in highly-manual, cumbersome tasks. Ultimately, slow, inefficient processes greatly impact an organization’s ability to respond to market demands.


KnowledgeLake turned their passion for ECM and business empowerment by developing a suite of cloud-based document processing solutions. Their cloud capture solution enables automated, consistent, and repeatable processing that helps companies reduce paper consumption, increase productivity, and store data securely in Box.

The KnowledgeLake Capture for Box integration enables users to capture, tag, and route a high volume of documents through a simplified workflow, while leveraging the power of Box metadata to help them appropriately tag documents for easy access in future. With standardized document processing coupled with Box’s enterprise-grade security, organizations can more easily maintain regulatory compliance and governance over their content.

KnowledgeLake Capture uses Fujitsu’s best-in-class image processing technology on their servers, running Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on all ingested content. Images go in, and the platform sends full-text searchable PDFs to Box. Users can upload digital content or scan directly from a web browser, process images from their mobile device, or import MFP/MFD/copier documents. Users can configure KnowledgeLake processing features to convert files, clean up images, tag or index content, and more in a customizable workflow. The KnowledgeLake Capture solution supports ingesting content to Box, with metadata mapping and routing, from a number of leading repositories.

KnowledgeLake Capture for Box provides businesses with greater control over enterprise content, while minimizing costs by consolidating document imaging on a single platform for use by multiple departments, geographies, or an entire organization. KnowledgeLake Capture can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, with no clunky, restrictive software to install and maintain. It’s extensible and performant, with a scalable architecture using an app model, APIs, and a robust SDK. The solution helps customers better control costs by increasing staff productivity, reducing workloads, and eliminating page count or click charges.

Using KnowledgeLake Capture for Box, businesses can realize their operational potential with a high-volume solution to content ingestion, backed by Box’s secure content management technology.

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