Kony and Box Enable Employees to Safely Access and Share Confidential Content

Location: Austin, TX
Industry: HR/HCM organizations in any industry
Use Case: Confidential information sharing between a company and its employees.


Kony is a cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions company and an industry leader among mobile application development platform providers. Their Kony Employee Self-Service (ESS) Suite is a leading-edge mobile solution that is designed to accelerate a number of employee processes, such as: approvals, leave management, timesheet and expense submissions, pay management, and access to important employee information. It is a comprehensive, mobile-first solution that covers the six main functional areas in the HR/HCM space.

The Kony ESS Suite encompasses six micro-applications, over 100 screens, and 200+ features. It integrates with all major back-end systems through a flexible architecture and common data model, enabling customers to reuse existing investments without having to “rip and replace” them.

As with any HR process, confidentiality is critical. Companies and employees must be able to share corporate and personal information in a secure environment. Kony partnered with Box Platform to power this capability in the Kony ESS Suite, providing employees with a simple, secure way to access and interact with confidential content.


Most companies already have some type of investment in an HR/HCM system. Many large enterprises even run multiple systems as a consequence of mergers and acquisitions, or to meet specific needs. Sometimes these disparate systems fail to provide a friendly user experience or support mobile use cases, making it cumbersome for employees to get what they need done. However, from a company’s perspective, completely replacing a system that already addresses basic employee needs may not seem cost-effective.

As HR organizations look to improve their employee-facing experience, they face yet another challenge. Many traditional technology solutions don’t allow for easy customization or extensions, and are often too rigid to align with a company’s specific business processes. By adopting these solutions, companies run the risk of frustrating their users or being forced to change their business processes in order to accommodate the solution’s limitations. In addition, traditional solutions tend to be costly and include fees for implementation, licensing, and access to critical confidential content & documents.


Kony recognized an opportunity to leverage their award-winning mobile application development platform to deliver a unique solution. The Kony ESS Suite provides companies with a secure, sophisticated employee experience and also enables them to maintain previous system investments. Companies can easily customize the suite of micro-apps with a branded user interface, as well as align with existing workflows in legacy systems — all while keeping cost contained. Users enjoy an elegant and intuitive mobile-first experience, either online or offline, on any corporate or personal device.

Kony’s integration with Box enables full collaboration between HR teams and employees through safe access to, and sharing of, any type of confidential content. Box provides enterprise-grade security, allowing employees to seamlessly interact with all the internal documents they need to manage their work experience, without worrying about the safety of their personal data.

The Kony ESS Suite, powered by Box, modernizes the digital workplace by enabling a secure flow of content that reduces call center, payroll, and administrative costs while improving productivity and data integrity.

More Information

To learn more about the Kony Employee Self-Service Suite, please contact KonyESS@Kony.com or visit: kony.com.